10 Simple Little Victories Every New Mom Will Understand

by | May 21, 2018 | FitMama

There are so many of life’s simple pleasures that you take for granted until you’re a new mom. Going out without a curfew, wearing nice clothes, having a clean and tidy house…was that really your life? We know it’s tough and it feels like a thankless job now, but these days will pass by more quickly than you think. In the meantime, we’re here to tell you that you’re doing an incredible job. And that you’re not alone. Also, that it’s totally cool to celebrate the little victories, like these…

1/ When you obsessively check on your newborn for the 15th time…and she’s still breathing!

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2/  When you change your first poo nappy.

3/  When you finally get the baby to sleep.

 4/ When you find time to wash your hair.


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5/  When the baby sleeps through.

6/  When you get through a whole day without vomit on your shirt.

 7/ When you put on a pair of real jeans for the first time in months.

 8/ When you make it through lunch with your mother-in-law without being momsplained.

9/  When you finally figure out how the fold-up pram works.

 10/ When you remember you have chocolate in the cupboard.



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