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by | Jun 9, 2017 | Fitness

Photography: Sean Laurenz

Thousands of you cast your votes and the results are in: These five women are ultimate fitspo! Steal their signature moves for a rockin’ bod.

More than 50 strong, inspiring women entered the 2017 Women’s Health Next Fitness Star competition – our search for SA’s next celebrity trainer. It was no easy task, but eventually our panel of judges whittled the entries down to ten women whom they felt had the drive and star quality to potentially take the title. Then, we opened it up to you, our readers. Your votes selected the five strong, inspirational women you see here, who still have a shot at being the Women’s Health Next Fitness Star 2017.

Botle Kayamba 

Age: 35 Lives in: Joburg Get more fitspo: @Botle.Kayamba
Botle’s a group fitness instructor who teaches a range of Virgin Active classes, including Pound, Pilates, water aerobics and dance fitness. “Being able to do different classes helps me tailor my workouts to whoever’s in my class on that day,” she says. But her fave move? A booty pop. Use it in the gym to tone your lower body – or unleash it in the club tonight.

Inge Viljoen

Age: 24 Lives in: Pretoria Get more fitspo: @IngeViljoeningestory

A personal trainer and sports nut, Inge trains her clients at their homes. No fancy equipment needed – she uses your own bodyweight and whatever she can find around the house. Coffee tables, stairs, couches…all fitness equipment waiting to be used. But whatever workout you’re doing, you can bet there will be plank variations thrown in. Inge is all about that core!

Simo Supana

Age: 24 Lives in: The Vaal Get more fitspo: @SimoSupanasimostory

Simo doesn’t believe in restricting fitness to the gym, so she runs most of her fitness seshes at the local stadium. And don’t expect run-of-the-mill gym equipment either. Simo uses everyday stuff like tyres and ropes to get her clients in shape. Another fave? Taking them out for a hike. So it’s no surprise, then, that Simo’s fave move is a squat. Tone that booty to prep for the hills!

Tammy Rawstron

Age: 27 Lives in: Cape Town Get more fitspo:

Tammy comes from a long health club background, as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer. But these days she’s bringing her own brand of functional training to small groups in Cape Town. Her philosophy is all about getting people to move better in life – and anything you hate, you’re going to do more of. Burpees? Running? Hell yes! But her signature moves are squat and lunge variations. After all, you need strong legs for running!

Yolanda Sokhela

Age: 34 Lives in: KZN Get more fitspo: @Yolanda_Sokhelayolandastory

She may be small in stature, but Yolanda – who’s a mom to two rugby-playing teen boys – is a powerhouse. She’s a group fitness instructor at Virgin Active, where she particularly loves teaching high-energy Pound classes and she’s owned the stage at mass outdoor fitness classes. Her workouts are energetic and hardcore. Her signature: boxing.

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