5 Beauty Products To Use At Night So You Look Gorgeous By Morning

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By Gotlhokwang Angoma-Mzini; image from Freepik.com

Beauty essentials that’ll make you wake up like this: Flawless.

A nightly beauty routine could be the fundamental cure-all for healthy skin. It’s the real pay-off you get without working too hard. This is because when you’re sleeping your skin skin is repairing itself – it’s the time when your body revamps itself at a cellular level.

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Get this, while you snore, your brain releases hormones that promote tissue growth. These guys help you to recuperate and mend injuries such as cuts, soothe sore muscles and even repair your dermis.

Taking a few minutes to care for your skin in the evening, especially your face, can supplement these essential resting and replenishing processes. So, help you skin along with a night-time regime focused on moisturising and recovery. The result? A radiant face – without much effort. Here’s what to try:

Double Cleanse

Washing your face twice is the trend (a big ask – but it’s worth it). Double cleansing attacks two different types of impurities – make-up that sits on top of the skin, and the skin itself. Start with an oil cleanser to remove make-up, followed by a cream cleanse or foaming wash to truly get skin deep. Try L’occitane Shea Foaming Cleaner (R345 at L’occitane) and Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil (R650 at Kiehl’s).


Add A Serum

Give your skin some pampering with a lightweight treatment that penetrates super-deep. Serums cover a wide range of skin concerns, from smoothing lines and increasing firmness to helping with dehydration and dark spots. Try Clarins Double Serum (R880 at Clarins).


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Dose of Moisturiser

Dealing with very dry skin? Hydration is the pillar of skin health. Give your skin a boost with a hydrating and healing formula. Try Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Night Time Moisturizer (R395 at Clicks).


Tap on Eye Cream

Some beauty junkies apply eye cream after a night of tossing and turning – but your cream needs time to sink in and work its magic. Rather use them at night, so they have time to settle into the skin. Insider tip: apply around the orbital bone to get at all the wrinkles and where you may see puffiness. Try Nivea Anti-age Cellular Eye Cream (R205 at Dischem).



Enhance Lashes


We had to add this one! Granted, you won’t look gorgeous by morning, but your dreams of rocking runway lashes without extensions or falsies can finally come true – 30 mornings later. This eyelash serum is packed with conditioning peptides, biotin, soybean oil, pumpkin seed extract and amino acids to stimulate and promote growth. Try RapidLash (R999 at Sorbet).

These are the 5 major skin benefits of cooling face mists. Plus: These 7 night-time products do astounding things while you sleep.

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