The Nike Well Collective Will Support Your Wellness Journey No Matter Your Starting Point

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Here at WH we strongly believe that health and wellness is for everybody and every body. And the Nike Well Collective is here to make that happen. From the Nike Well Collective’s inspiring women to the Nike Well Festival happening on the 13th April in Joburg, here’s everything you need to know about the new wave of wellness.

What Is Nike Well Collective?

“Nike Well Collective is designed to support well-being journeys for everyone, however they define them. It celebrates all bodies and all forms of movement. Because we know holistic fitness is more than just sport, it’s focusing on body, mind and life,” Amy Montagne, VP/GM of Global Nike Women’s, said in a statement.

The aim is to be the new dimension of movement. And Nike will be breaking the stereotypes, misconceptions and intimidating approach that people have become accustomed to when it comes to mental and physical wellness.

In March, Nike launched its Well Collective in JHB, which is made up of Nike trainers, coaches, DJs, communities, presenters, wellness and nutrition experts. This is in a bid to support people’s wellness journeys – wherever they might be on it.

What Is The Nike Well Festival?

nike well festival lineup

Nike will host its first-ever Nike Well Festival in South Africa on the 13th of April in Newtown, Johannesburg. It will be a day of movement, mindfulness and sound all supported by the Nike Well Collective.

As part of the Nike Well Collective, Nike will be partnering with key trainers and industry experts, along with valued wellness, lifestyle and mindfulness partners.

The full festival day will have multiple wellness activities lined up with with various partners, coaches and mindfulness leaders from 9am, when the doors open, up until the end of the festival at 9pm. Nike will also be designing a signature workout that will combine various fitness and wellness disciplines.

One things for sure, you’ll conquer your wellness journey, your way.

Meet Three Of The Nike Well Collective’s Inspiring Women

Three of the key trainers and industry experts that Nike has partnered with are none other than yoga instructor Banesa Tseki, wellbeing expert Tiffany Lekuku and trainer Zaakirah Khalek. Ahead of the Nike Well Festival which they’ll be part of, we got their thoughts on all things wellness.

Banesa Tseki, Yoga Instructor

nike well collective banesa tseki doing yoga

What Does Wellness And Exercise Give You?

“Wellness and exercise give me a sense of purpose and peace. Having a sense of purpose has given me a sense of self, I understand my self better both externally and internally. This has given me the opportunity to show up in the world more authentically, embracing both my light and shadow in the pursuit of living from a place of higher consciousness. The peace derives from the fact that wellness and exercise have given me tangible tools to self regulate my emotions and heal my body in the quest for holistic wellness.”

What Keeps You Motivated?

“My breath. Every time I become conscious of my breathing, I become conscious of the subtle life force within me that has overcome all odds to manifest in human form and embark on this journey called life. The miracle of it all is enough to motivate me to keep searching for ways to empower myself to be the very best I can be.”

Why Is It Good To Be You?

“It’s good to be me because through my wellness practices I have become conscious of my uniqueness, the very thing that makes me special. The very thing that makes you, you.”

What Does It Mean To Be A Part Of The Nike Well Festival?

“Being a part of the Nike Well Festival means the world to me because I get to connect with like minded individuals who value the importance of holistic wellness. It allows me to connect with people on a much larger scale than I could individually and gives me a strong sense of community.”

How Will Being A Part Of This Festival Will Affect Your Community And Wellness Tribe?

“There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests get together to work towards the same goals.” 

“My community and wellness tribe will be reminded that as a collective we cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community. In essence we are all in this together and that is a powerful affirmation.”

Positive Affirmations For Wellness That Help You Stay Focused And Positive On Your Wellness Goals

“Here are some of my favourite affirmations for wellness.”

  1. I honor my body and treat it with love and respect.
  2. I am capable of making healthy choices that nourish my mind, body, and soul.
  3. Every day, I am becoming stronger, healthier, and more vibrant.
  4. I trust my intuition to guide me towards what my body needs.
  5. I am grateful for my body’s ability to heal and rejuvenate itself.

“Repeating these regularly to reinforce positive thinking and maintain focus on your well-being.”

Tiffany Lekuku, Wellbeing Expert

nike well collective tiffany lekuku practicing mindfulness outside

What Does Wellness And Exercise Give You?

“Mental clarity and boosts my mood 💘”

What Does Wellness And Exercise Take From You?

“Sometimes I have to sacrifice something in the moment for long term gain but it’s never a less at the end of the day.”

What Keeps You Motivated?

“My work (nuru house) – receiving positive feedback from my clients and community and seeing their lives improve for the better always motivates me to keep showing up – it really feels bigger than me.”

What Does It Mean To Be A Part Of The Nike Well Festival?

“It’s so exciting for me! Omg lol, to witness a global brand like Nike share an aligned vision as nuru on the future of wellbeing is truly exciting, more people will lean more into this world and stereotypes and stigmas are going to fall away.”

How Will Being A Part Of This Festival Will Affect Your Community And Wellness Tribe?

“I think it will allow for more curious and open minded people to feel safe to try new things, even people that are more reserved I believe it creates a platform to reach a wider audience that is in need of this type of ‘medicine’ – as for people within my community I believe it just reinforces the collective growing need to wellbeing communities for people to come together and we continue to grow.”

What Are Some Of The Myths And Misconceptions Around The Wellness Space That You Come Across?

“Particularly with nuru house and our main focus being on spiritual wellbeing, I’d like for more people who come from religious backgrounds to not meet it with resistance and have the understanding of religion and spirituality being separate in this instance, we have people from all religious walks of life come to our sessions and it’s been beautiful hearing the feedback. Another misconception we’re trying to break away from is that there’s one size fits all and we’re always encouraging people to experience that for themselves at our gatherings. Lastly, I’d love for more men to come into these types of spaces and not feel it’s reserved for women, we’re all spiritual beings.”

Positive Affirmations For Wellness That Help You Stay Focused And Positive On Your Wellness Goals

  1. “It’s scary because it’s unfamiliar, not because you are incapable. Being nervous is part of the process, give yourself grace as you grow.” – @michellcclark
  2. You were assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved. 
  3. The magic cannot leave you when it is you.

Zaakirah Khalek, Trainer

nike well collective zaakirah khalek kicking her leg up during a workout

What Does Wellness And Exercise Give You?

“Wellness gives me the ability to be confident and feel strong no matter what my body looks like. It helps me maintain a positive, healthy mindset.”

What Keeps You Motivated?

“My motivation stems from various sources, my goals, seeing progress, feeling energised, enjoying the process, seeking self improvement or simply wanting to live a healthier lifestyle.”

Why Is It Good To Be You?

“I believe I am resilient and I am constantly trying to improve myself and improve the lives and health of those around me. My purpose is to help people, and I truly believe I am living my purpose.”

What Does It Mean To Be A Part Of The Nike Well Festival?

“An absolute honour. I get to share the stage with incredible coaches – while doing what I love to do, it’s truly a dream come true.”

How Will Being A Part Of This Festival Will Affect Your Community And Wellness Tribe?

“Being part of the Nike Well Collective Festival as a coach can have a profound impact on your community and wellness tribe. It provides an opportunity to showcase the diverse aspects of fitness and wellness in a fun and engaging way, inspiring others to explore new forms of movement and self-care. By participating in the festival, you can strengthen connections within your community, foster a sense of belonging, and empower individuals to prioritize their health and well-being. It’s a chance to spark enthusiasm for wellness and encourage people to incorporate more holistic approaches to fitness into their lives.”

What Are Some Of The Myths And Misconceptions Around The Wellness Space That You Come Across?

“[The are] so many, but I’ll name a few. 

  1. A one size fits all approach – there is no one universal formula for wellness that works for everyone 
  2. Quick fixes – quick fix solutions for wellness goals. These never work. Focus on sustainable method.
  3. Wellness is a luxury – some perceive wellness as reserved for those with time and money. Wellness is for everyone. It’s about prioritising your self care.”

Positive Affirmations For Wellness That Help You Stay Focused And Positive On Your Wellness Goals

  1. I trust in my ability to overcome challenges. 
  2. I am resilient and adaptable. 
  3. I honour my progress and am gentle with my body. 
  4. I am deserving of good health and success. 

Find out more the Nike Well Festival here and find out more about the Nike Well Collective here.

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