3 Deos Fitsters Swear By To See You Through The 30-Degree Heat

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By Gotlhokwang Angoma-Mzini; photograph by James Garaghty

These are our all-time favourite no-sweat deodorants for women…

A long tough day. A hard workout. A sexy date. Three events that almost guarantee the same beauty-boycotting result: a sweaty self. Your bio teacher taught you that it’s your body’s way of lowering it’s body temperature. And, while there’s nothing wrong with a little sweat, there’s nothing right with half-moons either.

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Don’t sweat it. We’ve hand-picked our office favourites. The yogis, CrossFitters and calisthenics girls all agree that these are the deodorants you should be packing this summer.

Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant Original (R32)


See ya later razor burn… because this product seriously cares for your delicate underarm skin, with a quarter moisturising cream to keep things smooth. And then there’s the obvious clincher: antiperspirant protection! Available at Clicks.

Nivea Deodorant Aerosol Fresh Musk (R30)


This alcohol-free spray has a fresh, musky scent you’ll love. In fact, it’s kinda addictive. It’s also a fast-absorbing deo that lasts up to 48 hours. Available at Clicks.

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Shield Motion Sense Germ Defence (R29)


A must-have for active women on the go. Athlete? This for your? Fair-weather jogger? This is also for you. Mom of a toddler? Yup, for you. It’s a solid formula that works harder the more you move due to cool MotionSense tech. Available at Clicks.

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