6 Bizarre Things That Can Make You Fat — Other Than Food

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Weight Loss

From the editors of Women’s Health; Photography by Pexels

Seriously?! Well, science says it’s true…

It’s not just what you eat, but how you eat that counts. According to science, getting mindful about mealtimes may help you stop overeating. Be alert to these hidden non-food fat bombs…

1. Glasses

Better regift those whiskey tumblers. According to a study, we pour 19 percent more liquid into short, wide glasses than we do tall ones. Study authors say our brains focus more on an object’s height than its width, so short glasses don’t seem quite as full to our eyes.

2. Music

Eating in silence may be awkward, but helpful. A study shows background noise can affect how sweet or salty we find foods. So the less distracted you are, the more you savour flavours and the less you eat. Dining out? Sit as far from the string quartet as you can.

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3. Decor

When it comes to your centrepiece, swap flowers for a bowl of green apples. Studies found overweight people who sniffed these before each meal lost about 27kg over six months because the brain was tricked into thinking it had eaten. Sneaky.

4. Candles

Beware candlelit dinners! When the lighting’s dim, people linger over food longer, which can lead to overeating, says Prof Brian Wansink, a consumer behaviour expert. The trick? Blow them out before your main course.

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5. Bowls

The evidence is clear: science has found you can up weight loss by choosing ceramic serving bowls over glass ones, with a study showing women ate 71 percent more out of transparent bowls than opaque ones. That applies to see-through lunchboxes too.

6. Spoons

Those giant serving spoons may be speedy, but they could also be causing your weight gain. A study found people who used 100ml serving spoons ate nearly 15 percent more food than those who used 60ml spoons, proving the smaller the spoon, the less you’ll eat.

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Originally published in Women’s Health Eat Clean Get Lean Volume 2

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