Nutrition Experts Swear By These 5 Body-Transforming Health Tips

by | Jun 20, 2019 | Food & Nutrition

Want to see results in the gym? Then you need to make some changes in the kitchen. We asked the experts for their pro nutrition and health tips on fuelling your transformation.

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It’s the little things: Bite-sized health hacks that keep the pros on target…

1. Shop on autopilot

“Write a default weekly shopping list, containing enough ingredients for 60 to 80 percent of your meals,” says nutritionist Drew Price. “It forces you to plan ahead – and helps with staying on budget.”

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2. Prep your post-sweat breakfast

“Fill a [container] with Greek yoghurt, oats, cashews and blueberries and put it in the fridge overnight,” says performance nutritionist Dr Kevin Currell. “Much less sugar than shop-bought bircher pots.”

3. Track your macros

The MyFitnessPal app isn’t just for kilojoule counting. “It has the macros of almost any product,” says sports nutritionist Emma Rose. “It adds everything up so you can keep a running tally.”

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4. Be fit-food shrewd

“Healthy” energy bars often aren’t all they seem. “Read the label: the sugars should be no more than half the carb content,” says Currell. “Swerve any sweeteners you can’t pronounce.”

5. Plan for period cravings

“Ensure you’re eating enough food – and at regular intervals – to keep blood-sugar levels steady and support your decision-making capacity,” says dietician Aisling Pigott.

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