This 5-Move Pelvic Circuit Will Totally Change How Your Orgasm Feels

by | Apr 28, 2016 | Sex & Love

Photograph by Francisco Garcia

Just call it the Ultimate Orgasm Workout…

Ready to try the Orgasm Workout? Your sex life will thank you. Trust. Supercharge your pleasure potential with this pelvic circuit: 5 simple moves to the most mind-blowing finish of your life…

1. Core breath

Sit on a chair with
a small curve in your lower back. Place one hand on your side ribs, the other on your tummy. Breathe into your hands, exhale, feeling your stomach engage and floor lift. Continue for one to three minutes.

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2. Muscle recognition

There’ll be no Kegel mishaps on our watch. First, insert your finger into your vagina and, using your muscles, try to grip your finger and pull it up into your body. Got it? That’s how you Kegel.

3. The basic blueberry

Take a big breath 
in and let everything release and lengthen. When you exhale, pick up an imaginary blueberry with your vagina and pull it up and into your body.

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4. The old clitoral nod

Think of the clitoris as being the tip of a nose; you want to pull the muscles to make it tip down into a nodding “yes”. This uses your superficial muscles
 – the ones that grab the penis in sex.

5. The advanced blueberry

Now imagine some stairs. Pull your blueberry up
step by step, then release down in four controlled movements on the way (like you would for a Pilates leg lift).

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