7 Small Outfit Mistakes That Are Making You Look Messy AF

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Style

Putting your best foot forward is going to be totes awks if your shoes are dirty. And that’s just one of the many innocent mistakes we often make when getting dressed. The most incredible outfit means nothing when you don’t look together. Correct these seven errors to look your rocking best every day.

Threads On Your Threads

Lint and animal fur on your clothes is the recipe for an instant mess. Don’t use your pets as an excuse – just keep a lint roller handy.

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Dirty Shoes

Some people plan an outfit starting with their shoes; others see it as a finishing touch. Either way, if your shoes are dirty your whole ensemble will look off. To avoid build-up, wipe your shoes after every wear, and toss sneakers in the wash before they start to change colour.

Not Ironing 

Ironing clothes can be such a schlep, but it plays an essential part in looking presentable. Take 10 minutes to do it the night before to avoid being late and looking dishevelled in the AM. 

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Messy Manicures

One chipped nail makes a world of difference. A well maintained manicure is an easy way to look polished (see what I did there). If it starts chipping, rather remove it entirely.

Clothes That Don’t Fit

Even with oversized tops and wide-leg pants trending, there’s still a big difference between the trend and ill-fitting clothes. Take the time to try clothes on instead of just trusting the tag. Having a tailor on speed dial wouldn’t hurt either…

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Smudges On Glasses

It’s the smallest thing, but it makes the biggest impact on an outfit. Smudges on your glasses can take your frames from cute to cursed in an instant. Make use of the little micro fibre cloth you got with them.

Wearing Hair Ties As Bracelets

Yeah, yeah, wearing your hair ties around your wrist is convenient – especially for that lunch-break workout. But instead of messy over-accessorizing, just keep a hair tie everywhere: your gym bag, the car, your purse. Easy anytime access sorted!

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