“This Is Exactly What Motivated Pabi Moloi To Lose 10 Kilos”

by | Mar 31, 2015 | Weight Loss

If you’re looking for inspiration to tone up, who better to motivate you than Pabi Moloi. Here’s how she lost 10kgs!

Before: 75kg
After: 65kg

Pabi Moloi used to avoid exercise at all costs, but today working out and eating healthily are no longer things she has to do – they’re things she wants to do. “I really enjoy exercising now; in fact, I think I’m addicted to endorphins.” Pabi hit the gym hard two years ago, enlisting the support of a personal trainer and in the process trimming a cool 10kg off her frame.

The Gain

Pabi always felt overweight. “When I was born I weighed 4.7kg and it’s fluctuated ever since.” Ironically, her time in front of the cameras didn’t quash her appetite for ribs, lamb chops and ice cream. Nor did it inspire an exercise routine.


The Change

It was a failed relationship that ultimately pushed Pabi to make her health, and herself, a priority. In February 2008, a year after the break-up, Pabi realised she needed a change – she wanted to take control of her life. “I didn’t want to laze around at home anymore. I became aware that I didn’t have anything that was mine, that I enjoyed doing for myself. So I decided to go to gym.”


The Lifestyle

Pabi saw results within the first month: she lost a whopping four kilos. “When I began training, I wasn’t doing it to lose weight. I just wanted to feel stronger,” she says. Pabi exercised six days a week, on five of which she amped up the intensity by going at it for two hours at a time. “At gym, I’d do lots of resistance training; on alternate days, I’d run 10km. It was incredibly difficult. My trainer really pushed me and there were days when I’d get in to my car and just cry.” She pushed less in the kitchen, changing how she ate rather than what she consumed. She controlled her portion sizes and drank lots of water, cut down on fizzy and energy drinks (of which she used to drink six a day) and banned alcohol from her diet for good.


The Reward

Her hardwork paid off: today she is at her ideal weight. “The reward was being able to try on clothes and be a smaller size. It has completely changed the way I live. I’m far more active now, and more conscious of what I put into my body. I also feel stronger and more confident. I respect my body.”


Pabi’s Tips

Keep your eye on the prize. “Having a reason to lose weight will keep you motivated.”

Step away from the scale. “Kilos are not the only things that count.”

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