Can You Do The Paper Pick-Up Fitness Challenge?

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Fitness

Here at WH HQ we do love ourselves a quirky fitness challenge. Sure it’s good to set yourself performance goals (sub-60 minute 10-kay; PB on the overhead squat) and train to achieve them. But underneath all that serious, grrr-grrr, “I don’t gym, I train” attitude is a girl who still loves to play. Your body was made to move, after all. And testing it in interesting ways is what makes fitness fun.

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The Paper Pick-Up Challenge

In the wake of viral fitness challenges like the chair traverse, the paper pick-up challenge is the latest craze to have us pretzelling, tumbling and giggling. Here’s how it works…

You’ll need: A sheet of A4 paper folded in half to make a tent. Make it harder by keeping the paper flat.

What you have to do: Put the paper on the ground. Now stand on one leg and pick the paper up with your mouth. Then return to standing. No body part besides your supporting foot may touch the ground. The challenge is complete when you’ve returned to standing with the paper in your mouth.

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Watch deputy ed Wanita Nicol attempt the challenge…

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What You Need To Succeed

While this challenge is hilarious fun, it’s also an excellent exercise in strength, balance and mobility. You need strong glutes and hamstrings to lower your body on one leg and push back up again. Your stabilisers and core muscles need to be up to the task of maintaining your balance. And you need to be flexible enough fold over and get your knee out the way. One-legged strength exercises like lunges and Bulgarian split squats will help with strength and balance. Hip-opening stretches will give you the flexibility you need.

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Watch these women nail the challenge…

Watch yogi and adidas ambassador Chelsey Korus take it next level…

Ready to give it a try? We want to know how it went. Post your vids on Instagram and tag us @WomensHealthMagSA or @WomensHealthSA on Twitter.

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