4 Reasons Why Your Period Is Totally Out Of Whack

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Health

Periods: No Longer shameful (yay!). Periods: Still super painful (ugh). And sometimes just plain weird! Flow suddenly got super strong? Or reduced to a trickle? Missed your regular menstruation date altogether – but can’t possibly be pregnant? What!? Don’t stress… yet. It’s normal for your period to wax or wane during these life events…

1. You Had A Baby

Your monthly could resume as soon as six to eight weeks after delivery. Remaining endometrial tissue and still-shifting hormones can make the first few flows heavier or longer than usual.

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2. You’re Breastfeeding

Prolactin, a hormone produced during nursing, can inhibit ovulation. Some women don’t bleed at all while bf’ing, others will do so sporadically (one month yes, the next, no.).

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3. You’ve Gained Weight

Extra kilos can throw oestrogen out of whack, causing longer, heavier periods.

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4. You’re In Perimenopause

In the (up to 10!) years before menopause, you might skip months at a time, be lighter, be heavier or bleed multiple times a month. Great.

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