9 Major Myths About Your Period You Need To Stop Believing

by | Aug 28, 2014 | Health

Talking about your period is not a bad thing – here are the facts about myths you might believe around your monthly cycle…

A recent campaign run by Lil-lets, has revealed some startling myths around periods. It’s hard to believe that in this day and age when we talk openly about every possible sensitive subject, there remains little or no dialogue about menstruation. Why does it remain an embarrassing topic?

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Surely something that’s totally natural and happens to half the population of the world every month should be something we can talk about? The result of keeping it secret is a collection of myths – some of which can be potentially harmful to young women, others just causing inconvenience.  Here are the facts…

Myth 1: You can’t fall pregnant when you have your period.

Fact: Although it’s unlikely that you will fall pregnant, it’s not impossible. But a condom should always be used to protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Myth 2: Women menstruating can catch a cold easily and should avoid cold water or iced drinks.

Fact: There’s absolutely no reason why women who are menstruating should avoid cold or ice drinks and they will not catch a cold easily. So keep drinking those milkshakes girls.

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Myth 3: Tampons can break your virginity.

Fact: The word virgin means that you have never had sex with a man. Only sex can break your virginity.

Myth 4: You can’t exercise or do strenuous activities while menstruating.

Fact: You can exercise as long as period cramps do not inhibit you. Remember if you’re going to swim, which is quite acceptable, you need to wear a tampon not a pad.

Myth 5: You can only use a tampon when you are much older or have had babies.

Fact: You can start using tampons at any age as long as you are comfortable. Start with smaller tampons which are easier to insert and more comfortable, like the new Lil-Lets Nano tampons, so you can get used to wearing them or use a mini Compact Applicator tampon for easier insertion.

Myth 6: Period pains are cause for concern.

Fact: Period pains are quite normal. However, if your daily activities are disturbed it is best to discuss this with your doctor or clinic sister.

Myth 7: PMS is made up by men and is all in your head.

Fact: Craving chocolate, being snappy, headaches, bloating, weight gain, anxiety and depression even joint pain are all part of Premenstrual syndrome according to medical experts.

Myth 8: Heavy bleeding only happens to women who have given birth.

Fact: Heavy bleeding can happen to anyone at any time. Your period flow can even vary from heavy to light or light to heavy in one period or from period to period. This is not unusual and is quite normal.

Myth 9: During your period you get snakes in your stomach and this causes the pain.

Fact: There’s absolutely no truth in this statement. Period pain is normal and is caused by your uterus contracting to help expel its lining when your egg has not been fertilised.

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