Sex Toys You Didn’t Know You Could Get At Your Local Pharmacy

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Sex & Love

Yeah, yeah, we all know you can get your condoms and lube at the pharmacy – and not just the ordinary kind either (ribs ‘n tingles ‘n all). But, won’t lie, there was delighted surprise all round when a colleague randomly stumbled upon these three sex toys at… Dis-Chem. Yup, your local just got seriously lekker.

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What we really love about the kinky discovery is that it proves that we’re moving forward and owning our sexual health. In the open. In the same aisle you pick up your floss – or near enough… Blushes be damned.

So, grab something that’ll tickle your fancy (and boost your health) alongside those echinacea drops and smoothie mix sachets. Your whole body will thank you.

We-Vibe Unite Couples Vibrator

Sex Toys You Didn't Know You Could Get At Dis-Chem

Coupled up? This is the idea toy to introduce to your partner. Read: non-scary, non-phallic, whisper-soft, small and discreet. You both score. Big time. R1 395 at Dis-Chem.

Astroglide Heritage Vibrating Pleasure Ring

Sex Toys You Didn't Know You Could Get At Dis-Chem

Lo and behold, right there chillin’ next to your cold and flu meds you will find an actual vibrating cock ring. For erectile support and enhanced sensation, if you haven’t tried it, now you know exactly where to find it. R59.95 at Dis-Chem.

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Intimate Touch Mini Vibrator

Sex Toys You Didn't Know You Could Get At Dis-Chem

This tiny lil’ thing is perfect for me time – any time (note: handbag-friendly). Cuteness and discretion all rolled up in one sexy package. R134.95 at Dis-Chem.

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