“This 5-Move Pilates Leg Series Set My Inner Thighs On Fire”

by | Aug 6, 2018 | Fitness

Got leg issues? Don’t we all. And I’m not just talking to those of you struggling with excess weight. For those like me, whose skinny pins stand only a 50/50 chance of keeping me upright when confronted by a medium-strength gust of wind (no joke in CT), this leg series is everything. I’m talking toning and… the ultimate prizes: strength and shape.

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And it doesn’t end there. While you’re scoring major definition in your limbs, you’ll also be sculpting your butt (hallelujah – because mine, despite every effort, is still hella scrawny) and zooming right in on your core.

Whether it’s your thighs or your hips – and everything in between – this simple five-move sequence from Pilates instructor Terry Goodman of Point Pilates will score you the body you want. No burpees required.

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What You Need

Ever heard of a Pilates ring? It looks innocent and kinda random – but it’s not. Also called a Magic Circle or Power Ring, this one small piece of unassuming equipment is all you need to set your thighs – and every other inch of your legs, butt, core (and more) – on fire.


Get yourself this simple tool (start off with this JustSports Pilates Ring, R199 at Zando) and transform your body from the comfort of your lounge. We’ll start off with the thigh move that had me begging for mercy…

Target: Inner Thighs

Place the Pilates ring between your inner thighs and squeeze in a slow, controlled manner 10 times, then hold and pulse (quick squeezes) for another count of 10. Do three sets and your thighs will be aflame for real.

Target: Lower Abs And Thighs

Place the Pilates ring between your ankles, then lift and lower your legs for a count of 10. Do three sets. Your abs won’t thank you immediately – but they will later…

Target: Side Abs And Legs

Keeping the Pilates ring between your ankles, lie on your side, then lift and lower your legs for a count of 10. Repeat for three sets. Oh hello side abs!

Target: Thigh And Butt

Pulse (that quick – and killer – move) for a count of 10. Pause, then repeat two more times. More flames.

Target: Butt And Abs

Lift the Pilates ring above your head while simultaneously raising your leg behind you in a slow, controlled manner. Do 10 on one leg, then switch to the other leg. Repeat for two more sets.

How insane was that? Told you.

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