5 Yummy Porridge Variations That Will Make You A Breakfast Person

by | Oct 10, 2018 | Food & Nutrition

Not a porridge person? We get it. While oats are the bastions of healthy eating, they also taste a bit… bland. More than bland. Terrible, really. Even major foodies have trouble finding ways to make healthy grub taste good. (FYI – if you fancy yourself a foodie, consider entering Next Fit Foodie, our search for SA’s kitchen star)

Luckily, you don’t have to be relegated to a life of soggy sawdust just to make gains (oats are full of fibre, magnesium and antioxidants – plus they keep you fuller for longer). Herewith, five ways I’ve pimped my porridge!

Power Oats

Cook up your oats as normal, then top with nuts, seeds and dried cranberries for extra energy. I added a banana too, so this is a great meal before a really big day.

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Oatmeal Smoothie

There are four ingredients to this dish, and the genius is that you can decide to blend them all cold or cook them up as a warm dish. I ate mine cold this day and blended one banana with oats, chocolate protein powder and milk. I topped it with banana, almonds, cranberry and anti-inflammatory cinnamon.

Traditional Porridge

Good news: normal porridge can be yummy – especially if you top it with fruit and nuts. Add a drizzle of honey for sweetness and you’re set until lunch.

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Chia Porridge

If you’re not a fan of oats or porridge, rejoice! Chia seeds are very high in complete protein and omegas, making it an incredible way to start your day. Just soak them overnight in some milk, and top with banana and cranberries for sweetness and extra oomph.

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Overnight Oats

Full disclosure: I made these the morning of, and not at all the night before. Which just proves how easy this is to make: rolled oats, topped with milk, then fortified with cinnamon and fruits of your choosing. You can play with anything: kiwi, banana, papaya, strawberries… the list is endless.

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