These Delicious Smoothie Recipes Are The Perfect Snack For After Your Workout

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Recipes

You know that feeling, after a really intense workout, when you want to dive into a vat of energy drink? How about that feeling like you could totally hit the drive-through…and then go round again? Don’t do that. Whip up one of these yummy smoothie recipes instead.

You’re Starving. You Need: The Beast

If your major post-workout dilemma is insatiable hunger, you need a snack that’s going to give you a mix of protein, healthy fat and carbs. This will give your muscles the fuel they need to recover, without all the empty kilojoules that come with, oh say, a large cheese burger and chips. The peanut butter in the the Beast gives you that dose of protein and healthy fat, while the oats provide the carbs. The banana adds quick-release energy in the form of natural sugar, with minerals that will help stave off cramp.

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You’re Feeling Shaky And Faint. You Need: The Beauty

If you finish your workout feeling like your legs are wobbly and your mouth is dry, you’re probably dehydrated. You need liquid and electrolytes, which is exactly what you’ll get from the coconut water in the Beauty. The apple adds natural sugar, which gives you a dose of quick-release energy. The antioxidants in the berries will help with your recovery, while the yoghurt gives you the protein your body needs to build muscle and get stronger. Cheers to that!

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