“My Pre-Pregnancy Dress Was My Motivation For Getting My Body Back”

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Weight Loss

“Self-discipline is king, without it you’ll never be successful” 

As someone who grew up chubby through high-school, Nonjabulo Cebekhulu made it her mission to get in shape when she reached university. She decided to get active by joining the varsity netball team… and soon she noticed a difference on the scale. But the moment Nonjabulo fell pregnant, everything changed. This is her weight-loss story…

Nonjabulo Chebekulu

Occupation: Licensing & Registration Officer
Age: 32
City: Pietermaritzburg
Weight before: 60 kilos
Weight after: 50 kilos
Height: 1.5 m
Time taken to lose weight: 12 weeks
Secret weapon: No starch, No sugar diet

The Gain 

Nonjabulo admits that during her pregnancy (and while breast-feeding) she developed really bad eating habits. “I used to get so hungry while breast feeding, then I would grab anything and everything in the fridge,” she says. Her diet consisted of leftover cakes and takeaways, and as a result she felt lethargic and had no desire to exercise. “I couldn’t even be bothered to lift a finger,” she admits.

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The Change 

“In November 2016 when I went for my 6-week post-birth check up, I STILL looked like I was 9 months pregnant. I just couldn’t believed it,” says Nonjabulo. She decided to take a picture of herself on the scale and told her gynaecologist that the next time she came for a check up, the gynae wouldn’t recognise her. That was the beginning of Nonjabulo’s lifestyle makeover.

She decided to clean up her eating habits: first she cut all the starchy food from her diet, then she used the Clean 9 Detox programme to personalise her diet plan. Her new plan included lots veggies and meal replacements.

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The Lifestyle 

It wasn’t all smooth sailing. Nonjabulo was on maternity leave and all the ‘temptations’ in the kitchen were well within her reach 24/7. “Whenever I felt hungry, I would just grab an apple or drink water. I had to learn a lot of self discipline,” she says.

For exercise,  she started off by jogging for 30-60 minutes in morning, at least 3 times a week, then gradually cut back to 30 minutes and added stomach exercises to her routine to strengthen her core.

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The Rewards

“Early on in my journey, people would comment saying I looked good, but I didn’t believe them because I hadn’t reached my goal weight yet. When I finally hit my target, I felt more confident and sexier,” says Nonjabulo. Her husband has been her main motivator throughout her weight-loss journey and now when he compliments her, she actually believes him.

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Nonjabulo’s Tips

> Don’t do it for other people. Do it for you.
> Have a motivator. In my case, it was a hot dress.
> It won’t happen overnight. Patience, consistency and perseverance.

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