This Preggy Functional Workout Will Help Ease The Pain Of Carrying The Bump

by | May 23, 2018 | FitMama, Fitness, Workouts

You know that achy feeling you get in your back when you carry, say, a basket of laundry down the passage? That’s your muscles straining under an extra load in front that they’re not used to lugging around. Now imagine you can never put that laundry basket down. And every week or so, someone adds more clothes. Welcome to the joys of a growing bump (and accompanying boobs). The good news? Building a strong core and legs can help you carry the weight.

Speed Bump Functional Workout

This routine, by biokineticist Raeesa Solwa is a functional workout that will help you build the core and lower-body strength your body needs to support the growing bump. The exercises have been modified to accommodate your little passenger and protect you from injury.

The type and intensity of exercises you can handle will depend on your previous fitness level, current pregnancy symptoms, heart rate and may vary according to each individual, says Raeesa. “Posture is the most important aspect when exercising so that you don’t cause any extra pressure on your lower back. Also, always take note of how you’re feeling – you should be able to hold a conversation while exercising.”

Your Moves

Important: Do not attempt this or any workout unless you’ve been cleared to exercise by your doctor.
1. Squat and step-over REPS: 20
2. Renegade rows REPS: 20
3. Half burpee REPS: 10
4. Diagonal glide lunges REPS: 20
5. Bear crawl REPS: 20
6. High plank opposite arm to leg REPS: 20
Do the moves as a circuit, moving from one to the next in order and resting as needed. After you’ve completed all moves, rest for a full minute, then repeat the circuit for a total of three or four rounds.

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