This Preggy Leg Workout Could Help Keep Cankles At Bay

by | May 17, 2018 | FitMama, Fitness

First, a disclaimer: Cankles and swollen feet are normal, common side effects of pregnancy and there’s no miracle cure that’s going to vanish them away. But being active may provide some relief by improving circulation in your legs.

The Legs For Days Preggy Workout

This preggy leg workout by biokineticist and running coach Raeesa Solwa uses functional movements to keep your legs strong and improve core stability. Raeesa created this workout when she was 26 weeks’ pregnant. She said, “By this week I was starting to feel a bit more restricted in movement, especially getting up and down from a lying position. So I have kept most moves standing upright and added in core stability.”

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Your Moves

NOTE: Do not attempt any exercise unless your doctor has cleared you to work out.

Do the moves in order, moving from one to the next as a circuit. Move slowly and with control, being careful to maintain proper form and resting as needed. Take a proper rest after you’ve completed all reps of a particular exercise, before moving on to the next.

1. Reverse lunge and twist REPS: 20
2. Single leg dead lift REPS: 10 each side
3. Step up on box/chair and kickback REPS: 10 each side

4. Tricep dips REPS: 15
5. Crab toe touch REPS: 20
6. Step ups REPS: 20

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