5 Things Every Pregnant Woman Who’s Exercising Should Own

by | Sep 14, 2018 | FitMama

Pregnant? Exercising? Good for you. Here, essential fitness wardrobe tweaks to carry you through your pregnancy…

Get A (Pregnant) Support System


Even the previously less-than-endowed will now have to think about how to keep those boobs in check. Adjustable straps will mean the sports bra can literally grow with you (try the Maxed medium-impact sports bra with adjustable straps, R160 at MrP Sport), but if you have larger bosoms, wide shoulder straps will give you more support (try the Shock Absorber high-impact sports bra, pictured, R429 for two at Zando).

Keeping Dry And Mighty


The glands that regulate your body temp go into overdrive during pregnancy – and they’re not in your normal hot spots. Your eccrine glands are concentrated on your back, chest and armpits, which means fabrics that are moisture wicking or fast drying are your best bet. Stretch is important too – look out for Lycra blends. This Maxed zip-through turtleneck active jacket (R300 at MrP Sport) comes with moisture-management tech.

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Get Into Top Gear


Tank tops and sports bras mean you won’t have to worry about extra-long tops that cover your tum. Instead invest in a few large cotton vests (or borrow some from your guy) and wear them loose over your under gear. For when the weather’s still a little nippy, try the Penelope & Bella stretchy long-sleeve maternity tee, R379 at Zando (pictured). Also check out the Dri-Sport longer-length vest, R80 at MrP Sport.

Bottoms Up


Stretchy yoga pants are the ideal gear – particularly ones with fold-over waists that can be lifted to cover your lower belly in your final trimester. We love MovePretty’s Leafy fold-over leggings, R595 at Zando (pictured).

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To Your Toes

Many women’s feet not only swell during pregnancy, they increase in size permanently! Ensure you are wearing the correct shoe size and invest in a bigger size if necessary.

Note: Always find out from your doctor whether it’s safe for you to exercise while pregnant, and reassess the situation at every check-up. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, stop and call your doc.

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