Moves That Will Help You Shorten The Second Stage Of Labour

by | Mar 11, 2016 | FitMama

Breaking a sweat when pregnant doesn’t just help keep your weight in check – woohoo! With your doc’s okay, follow this guide from trainer Sara Haley.

Research in the Iranian Red Crescent Medical Journal found that exercising when you’re expecting shortens the second stage of labour.

First Trimester

You may notice an energy dip, so cut yourself some slack in your go-to routine. Adding core and resistance-training moves (planks, bridges, step-ups) now can help you regain strength later as a new mom.

Second Trimester

Your stamina is back! Keep up that core training (think planks, not crunches) and aim for three to five days a week of moderate cardio, opting for low-impact activities like cycling or swimming if your lower half starts to feel achy.

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Third Trimester

Now’s not the time to ramp things up, but stick with whatever exercise feels good. Mix in prenatal yoga (no deep twisting) to ease any stiffness. Avoid core moves that strain your abs, like crunches.

Side note: prepare your body. exercise will prepare the body for labour and generates higher levels of endorphins which will lead to a shorter, less painful birth. Eating a healthy balanced diet will nourish mother and baby without excessive weight gain.

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