15 Press-On Nails For When You’re Seriously Short On Time

by | Mar 14, 2023 | Nails

We know that a trip to the nail salon once every two weeks is the gold standard for polished, well-put-together nails (and that feeling that you’re on top of things). But in between sessions at the manicurist, all manner of things can go wrong and sometimes you just need something quick to make your hands pop. Enter: press-on nails.

They’ve been around forever, sure, but these new styles have truly elevated from the ordinary. From long coffins to mediums, there’s no shortage to what you can stick on your fingers and be good to go.

When prepping your hands for press-on nails, make sure to file off any other residue so that your nail can adhere to the stick-on nail better. Clean, dry hands help the glue really adhere, and you can finish with moisturiser and cuticle oil to keep your look and make it last longer.

Lovisa blue checkerboard nails

These retro checkerboard nails are incredibly fun and add an extra touch to otherwise bare hands.

Essence Nails in Style in black marble

Black is always a basic go-to and can elevate any look, but the marble detail on these feel extra special, while your input is minimal.

Scarlet Hill Instant Nails in Grass Green

Huzzah! These gorgeous greenies are on sale. Pick them up for a fraction of the cost to get that put-together look in envious green.

Kiss imPRESS Nails Bare But Better nails

Go barely there with these subtle yet pretty clear nails.

Ruby black tip nails

Feeling daring? These black-tipped nails are all the rage RN, plus they take exactly zero painting effort on your part.

Blue Starry Sky Coffin Style nails

We love a nail with effort and these give off exactly that, while your work remains minimal. The diamante touch adds just enough sparkle to make your hands really pop.

Ruby green floral press-on nails

These groovy green guys are giving retro 70’s vibes and we see these doing really well at a concert, festival or fun day out.

Foschini multicolour nails

The 70s are back with a force and these nails combine swirly shapes with multiple colours, no matter what your outfit says.

Floral Print Stick On Nail Set

Keen for some flower power? Say no more with these super-cute press-on nails.

Ruby holographic nails

Did someone say glazed doughnuts? Let these sheer and shiny nails do the talking for you.

Foschini negative space floral nails

Lean into patterned nails with these subtle but professional nails. Nobody would know you didn’t spend hours at the salon.

Graphic stick-on nail set

These graphic press-on nails are just subtle enough, but with added length for a real statement.

Kiss Impress nails in red and gold

Go classic and bold with medium-length red nails, while the gold touch on every other finger adds sparkle.

Lovisa iridescent nails

Iridescent nails are hot right now but also just subtle enough without overpowering your look. This length is also manageable without being too much of a hassle.

Scarlet Hill Instant Nails in Pink Glo

Who doesn’t love a negative space nail in these pink hues?

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