Try This Push-Up Variation That Will Burn Fat And Tone Your Entire Body

by | May 16, 2019 | Fitness

Women’s Health, hydrated by Powerade with adidas, is looking for SA’s next celebrity trainer — a woman with a powerful fitspo story and the ability to inspire others to get off the couch and embrace an active, healthy lifestyle. The judges have narrowed the search to twelve inspirational women. Now it’s up to you to select the five finalists who will go into the running for the title of 2019 Women’s Health Next Fitness Star

The top 12 introduce themselves and their favourite workouts. If you like what you see, be sure to vote for your favourite.

Meet Leah Moumakoa

A home-based personal trainer, Leah loves helping people challenge their body. With over a decade of experience, she says that working with people and helping them get fit, is her life’s purpose. With a dream to help the kids in her community find opportunities through sport, Leah also couches rugby.

“I grew up in a township, so I know the issues these kids are faced with. Through sport, the kids can have fun, tackle social issues and build life skills. Sport is more than just a game, it’s one of the best ways for kids to learn teamwork, discipline, tolerance and value of fair play,” she explains. With a big heart and an even bigger passion for fitness, Leah is determined to change more than just bodies- but lives too.

Just Push It!

If you’re tired of just plain boring old push-ups, give this push-up variation a try. It combines the strengthening powers of push-ups with the fat burning abilities of the burpee. Leah explains how you can do this exercise as your warm-up or add it to your workout.

“It’s either as many repetitions of push-ups you can do or add in a burpee or jump squats. This gets your blood pumping and makes for great cardio. Do the exercise for 1 minute, then rest 30-45 seconds, completing 3-4 sets.”


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