“How I Kept Up My Running Training Right Through Ramadan”

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Fitness

Ramadan is over, but Ragmah Edwards is one of the many women who inspired us with her constant commitment to her goals. During the fasting period, she continued running training every week. Her goals pushed her to stick to this routine and it’s taught her some important tips too. Here’s how she did it…

Training Tip #1: Set A Time

Having a set time to train helps to keep you motivated and committed. Ragmah trained early mornings during Ramadan.

“I find it is best to train in the morning as I have more energy,” she says. “It also means that I go through the rest of my day knowing I’ve achieved the goals I’ve set for myself. It sets a positive tone for the day.” As a morning person, I definitely relate to those positive vibes. Exercise, check.

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Training Tip #2: Choose Your Goals

Ragmah chose this period to build on her running strength. Before Ramadan, she was involved in a cycling accident, which set her back a little. Since then she’s been building up the kilometres again. For this reason, she didn’t decrease her running sessions during the fast. “My pace has actually gotten faster,” she adds.

An important lesson she’s learnt is “quality over quantity”. “I’ve never been one to run towards mileage goals,” she says. Establishing what you intend to achieve from your training is key. “My speed is important to me, so one run a week incorporates speed work.”

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Training Tip #3: Motivation, Motivation

Motivation. We all struggle with it. Probably even Bolt. For Ragmah, her motivation was purely goal-driven. “A year ago I was a strong runner and my desire to return to that form is immensely strong,” she says.

What also helps is having a group of training buddies you can count on. “I have people in my life who motivate me because we train together and they know the goals I’ve set for myself,” she says. Her bestie makes sure she attends all their early morning runs and her pals at gym check her strength training attendance. I mean, what are friends for?

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Training Tip #4: Make It Routine

“[The month of Ramadan] has actually created the routine that I needed,” admits Ragmah. She’s realised the benefits of getting it done: “There’s a lot that can keep me from training in the afternoon,” she says. “Exhaustion (during Ramadan), not having anyone to run with, and if I need to work late.” So find a routine that works for you. Stick to it until it becomes a lifestyle.

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