4 Ramen Sauce Recipes That’ll Totally Pimp Your 2-Minute Noodles

by | Jun 14, 2017 | Recipes

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The rise of the ramen empire…

The student staple has grown up and ramen eateries are popping up across SA. DIY your own, but ditch the high sodium flavour sachet and eat yours like a real adult with these fresh combos from executive ramen chef Anna Barrios-Horiike.

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1/ Mushrooms + roasted chicken = meaty + filling

Toss the ’shrooms in olive oil and bake at 180°C until tender (about 10 minutes) to up savouriness. Toss in bite-sized herbed chicken pieces for protein.

2/ Prawns + garlic = light + sharp

The crowd-pleasing crustaceans lend a subtly sweet, ocean-esque vibe. Throw in one minced garlic clove – its signature bite pairs like a champ with seafood.

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3/ Carrots + spring onion = chewy + balanced

Add a quarter cup of shredded carrots for texture and one thinly sliced spring onion. The spring onion counteracts the carrots’ natural sugars.

4/ Spinach + soft-boiled egg = hearty + rich

Sauté the greens with a little butter and some soy sauce to boost umami flavour. For a gooey yolk, boil your egg for six minutes, plunge it into cold water, then peel.

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