“Sticking By My Weight-Loss Goals Helped Me Lose Over 20 Kilos”

by | Mar 28, 2017 | Weight Loss

By Zinhlezonke Zikalala

Reaneste knew she has to stay committed and consistent if she wanted to see results.

“You will often be tempted to give up, especially when you don’t see the results you desire immediately, but always remember consistency and perseverance are very important,” Reaneste. Here’s exactly how she overcame temptations and lost weight.

Reanetse Matlali

Occupation: Intern Educational Psychologist
Age: 28
Weight before: 106kg
Weight after: 84kg
Height: 1.72m
Time required to reach current weight: 2 years
Secret weapon: Eat clean, train mean and self-belief

The Gain

“Unlike losing weight, my weight gain was rapid. I gained about 31kg in less then a year,” says Reanetse. She couldn’t even recognise herself anymore. “It was my poor eating habits and lack of exercise that led to the weight gain,” she says. She’d lost her brother and just started working as an intern; the stress, demands and deadlines got the better of her. “As a result, I was diagnosed with depression and I ate my emotions away,” she confesses. She ate KFC, McD’s, fries, sausages and loads of junk food almost constantly. “I worked from 7am to 10pm, leaving no time for me to work out — so I didn’t,” she admits.

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The Change

“At our end-of-year function in October 2014, the company went for a canopy tour. I felt so heavy I thought the rope was going to break with me in the air,” she confesses. That was when it hit her: she needed to make some changes in her life, and fast. “I started the minute I got home. I got rid of all the junk food I had in the house and all the carbs too.”

She then tried fad diets and small weekend jogs and skips, but it wasn’t enough and she saw no real changes in her body. “I upped my water consumption, which was infused with green tea, lemon, cucumber, ginger and mint leaves — and finally I started to see small changes because now I felt like I was committed to achieving my end goal” she adds.

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The Lifestyle

With her willpower in check, she decided to get serious about her exercise regime. “I jogged three kilometres every day, joined the gym and went there four or five times a week for two hours. Later on, I got myself a personal trainer.” Now that’s commitment!

“I did a lot of weight-training because I wanted to lose the fat first before toning up,” she adds. As for nutrition, “I reduced my carb consumption, included more protein in my diet and drank more water. I went cold turkey on any form of junk food,” she explains.

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The Reward

“My life has changed for the better. I feel so much lighter and attractive,” says Reanetse. She also enjoys doing things she never thought she could actually do before. “I’ve run a few 10km races and I’m looking forward to the 21km race I’m doing next,” she adds. And just as a reminder that it’s never too late to make a change, she bought herself a Fossil watch.

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Reanetse’s Tips

Don’t give up. “It will be hard, but giving up is not an option.”
Consistency is key. “As long as you’re consistent, results will show.”
You will fall. “When you do, dust yourself off and get up again.”

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