These Are The 3 Top Reasons Guys Fake Orgasms

by | Jul 25, 2017 | Sex & Love

And as many as a quarter of men do it…

Yes, Guys Fake Orgasms Too

They’re not as good at it as women, but men can also fake it. The problem is there’s usually physical evidence (ahem) of whether he did or he didn’t, but that’s easier to hide when using a condom.

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Seriously, Though, Why Do They Do It?

For the same reasons women do. Some men can’t ejaculate or have an orgasm for medical or psychological reasons and they don’t want to hurt their partner’s feelings. Or sometimes they just want to get it over and done with (yes, really). According to US research, a quarter of men studied said they’ve acted out an orgasm during sex. Most men reported faking it because reaching orgasm was unlikely or taking too long, while others were bored, tired or not in the mood, says study author Dr Charlene Muehlenhard. But take note: it’s possible for some men to have an orgasm without ejaculating, or to have retrograde ejaculation, where the semen goes into the bladder and doesn’t come out. Every dry orgasm is therefore not a fake orgasm!
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The Tell-Tale Signs

The men in the study who artificially O’d said they did so by thrusting harder or faster, clenching their muscles or freezing up, verbally expressing that they had reached orgasm, or acting exhausted afterwards. (The study also showed that guys were more likely to say that they faked it because their partner was unattractive, while women were more likely to ‘fess up to faking it when they felt their partner was unskilled.)

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We polled Men’s Health guys to get their POV on phony climaxes…

41% believe there has been a time when both he and his partner faked it.

59% say they can tell when a woman fakes it. How? 36% say it’s because she’s overly dramatic.

21% of guys would pass up the chance to climax for real in order to fake an O at the “right” time.

46% think the best way to fake it is to use a condom and trash it quickly.

23% say the best way is to keep the lights off.

61% of men who haven’t faked an orgasm say they would do so.

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The Guy Next Door gives his two pennies’ worth…

This question came in from a concerned reader: My boyfriend says he enjoys sex with me, but he doesn’t always orgasm. Should I be worried?

The answer from Tudor Caradoc-Davies, Women’s Health’s Guy Next Door: This is suspicious. I guess I’m supposed to give you some sort of Sting-like answer, where I say the orgasm isn’t necessarily the point of sex. But from what I know, guys are goal-orientated creatures – whether it’s work or play, we’re stuck in this eternal cycle of build-up and release. We want a reward. Like a biscuit. Or a mind-blowing orgasm.

For most guys, sex involves two goals: your pleasure and his. If he often doesn’t orgasm – and you know for a fact that he’s not a tantric guru satisfied with dry-humping the wind – I’d get to work finding out what the story is. Or just do that special thing with your tongue that always makes him pull an Axl Rose face…

There you have it.

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