The Ultimate Accessory To Your Active Lifestyle —Reebok Cool Your Body

by | Apr 3, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

Get ready to cool your body with Reebok’s new fragrance for her! This is not just any fragrance, but the ultimate accessory to your active lifestyle. With its invigorating blend of jasmine and juicy peach, Reebok Cool Your Body fragrance will keep you feeling cool, refreshed and ready to tackle whatever life throws at you.

Whether you’re hitting the gym, going for a run, or simply running errands, this fragrance will keep you smelling great and feeling confident all day long. Plus, the sleek and stylish bottle design will look great in your gym bag or on your dresser.

The Fragrance Design

Each fragrance evokes diverse sensations. Some are freer, created to satisfy the soul’s whims with happy, carefree notes like the sea and flowers, while others recall relaxation, perfect after a high-impact workout, with fresh and wood notes, or scents for when we seek calm and inspiration, with sensual unique notes, perfect for feeling completely yourself and at ease.

For her: a sophisticated and happy design

Designed from a feminine and carefree perspective; the three perfumes are complemented by floral and fruity tones.

Cool Your Body

Reebok Cool Your Body is a floral, fresh and revitalising fragrance. Made up of fruity notes of juicy peach and sophisticated pear, oh-so-fresh in the opening notes. This is followed by the feminine heart of jasmine and a bamboo chord, complementing each other until reaching the base. The base is created from sandalwood and musk, to shape the irresistible journey towards femininity and calm.

Move Your Spirit

Comprised of floral and fruity notes that come together for a happy and youthful fragrance. Then added to a base of red fruits and pink pepper. The feminine creamy touch comes from peony and freesia, with a sweet comforting base of vanilla.

Inspire Your Mind

Reebok Inspire Your Mind surprises with its sensuality and inspiration, which starts with striking notes of pear with pistachio, followed by a sensual and feminine heart of magnolia, rose and ylang-ylang for unique sophistication, to finish with the perfect delicacy of vanilla and patchouli.

All of these products, along with the perfumes, are vegan and sold in cardboard that comes from controlled forests and plantations, following strict international sustainability standards.

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