4 Women Share How They Conquered Breast Cancer

by | Oct 28, 2016 | Health

With one in eight women developing breast cancer in their lifetime, it’s safe to say, it’s on the rise.

Watch these video’s on how these women had the courage to conquer breast cancer, not only are they inspirational, uplifting, and beautiful but most of all they are survivors.

About five to ten percent of breast cancer is hereditary via a variety of mutated genes. Taking the quick BRCA gene blood test is one way to check if you’re high risk: Dr Ali Hamdulay from Metropolitan’s health division says some medical schemes cover a BRCA test from your insured or day-today benefits. If you have normal risk (for instance, an immediate relative was diagnosed with breast cancer), contact your medical aid provider to find out if you have cover for this test.

Breast News

It sounds crazy, but researchers may have changed the game in the fight against breast cancer. Bisphosphonates, a class of generic drugs that prevent the loss of bone mass, were tested on women with breast cancer in the journal of The Lancet. The results? While pre-menopausal women didn’t respond to the drugs, it worked really well on post-menopausal women, yielding high reduction rates in recurrences and mortality.

It’s a pretty big deal, given that secondary growths to the bone as a result of breast cancer affect around 85 percent of patients, notes the journal Nature. And while bisphosphonates are available in SA, they’re only being used to treat osteoporosis at this stage.

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Hard To Swallow

There may be more bisphenol A (BPA) – a chemical linked to fertility problems, weight gain, diabetes and cancer- coursing through our veins than previously thought. Turns out, BPA is fast-tracked to the bloodstream when it’s absorbed by tissue in the mouth, as opposed to the gut. Curb your exposure by buying food in BPA-free cans, and never microwave food in a plastic container.

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Courage to Conquer…

These are just some of the inspiring stories that were shared with us, from the Courage to Conquer campaign done by Foschini’s breast cancer #thinkpink drive.

Looking for more info on breast cancer? This is what it’s really feels like like to have a mammogram and a masectomy.

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