Sculpt Sexy Legs With Mapule Ndhlovu’s Thigh Workout

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Workouts

Whether your goal is to build strong, shapely muscle or slim down for your goal jeans, this workout by Next Fitness Star Mapule Ndhlovu will help you reshape your thighs — and everything else.

Best. News. Ever.

First, the bad news: If you’ve ever tried to diet your way to a flat tummy without losing your boobs, you’ll know that you can’t choose where your body loses weight. Sucks, yes, but it’s true. The good news? You totally can reshape individual body parts, whether you’re trying to firm up wobbly bits or sculpt new curves.

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The Magic Formula

The secret is combining fat-burning intensity with muscle-building strength training that focuses on the areas you want to emphasise – like, say, your thighs. As that extra padding burns away, the muscles you’ve been targeting will grow. The result? Bits of you that used to look lumpy and wobbly will appear firm. But wait, there’s more…if your dream is transforming your thigh gap into (toned) mermaid thighs or getting more (strong, firm) junk in your trunk, homing in on those muscle groups can create the curves you’ve always wished you had.

This workout by Next Fitness Star Mapule Ndhlovu combines high-intensity cardio (skipping) with strength training. And while it’ll give you a full-body once-over, it mainly targets your legs — seriously, have you seen Maps in shorts? The first time you do it, use very light weights or no weights at all. Once you’re used to the moves, increase the weight to the point where it feels challenging, but you can still complete all the reps. Struggling? Go slowly — fewer reps with good form always trumps lots of clumsy reps. Do the workout three or four times a week or slot it into your existing fitness routine once a week to change things up. For best results, combine exercise with a healthy eating plan.

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