Fight The Side Effects Of Antibiotics And Keep Your Gut In Check With Probiotics: A Winning Combination

by | Jul 21, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

Antibiotics can be lifesaving medications when it comes to treating bacterial infections, but they can also have side effects, such as diarrhoea and an upset stomach, by disrupting the natural balance of bacteria in your gut.1

Antibiotics are not able to distinguish between good and bad bacteria, so they can kill off the “friendly” bacteria along with the harmful bacteria.2 For example, antibiotics may kill the beneficial bacteria in our digestive system that help us break down food and absorb nutrients.3

Reuterina® acute4 is a probiotic that can help fight the side effects of antibiotics and keep your gut in check. It contains Lactobacillus reuteri DSM 17938, a specific strain of bacteria that is clinically proven and can help prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhoea and improve gut health.

Reuterina acute® has been clinically validated, with beneficial effects in a variety of health conditions including:

  • Reducing diarrhoea within 24 hours and restores microbial balance
  • Effectively treating diarrhoea by reducing the symptoms and duration of illness
  • Helping to significantly reduce diarrhoea in adults with acute gastroenteritis
  • Helping reduce lactose intolerance-related side effects
  • Protecting and supporting gut flora to strengthen immunity

Reuterina® acute

Reuterina® acute helps restore and maintain a healthy balance of gut flora during and after a course of antibiotics.

Taking Reuterina® acute alongside antibiotics can help you feel better and avoid the uncomfortable side effects of antibiotics.

The Reuterina® family of probiotics are available from pharmacies nationwide. For more information, visit: and join the conversations on Instagram and Facebook.

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