9 Things You Should Always Do Before Going On A Road Trip

by | Aug 31, 2018 | Travel

Hitting the road? These are a few things you need to ensure are up to scratch. Just call it your essential road trip checklist…


Your tyres are one of the most important checklist items. Make sure they are inflated to the correct pressure, check the tread to see if it needs replacing and look for any nails, tears or punctures. Also make sure that your spare tyre is in good condition.

Under The Hood

When the car is cold and parked on a level surface, check the oil, coolant, water brake and hydraulic fluid levels. Also make sure that the radiator and windscreen-washer bottle has water – you can do this at a petrol station, just ask an experienced attendant to assist.

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Ask someone to help you check that your brake lights, indicators and headlights are all working correctly.


Make sure your phone is fully charged, especially if you need to use its GPS, and don’t forget your charging cable if your car allows for one. It’s also good to plan your route ahead so you know where the petrol stations and rest stops are. Don’t forget your sunglasses either, you don’t want to be squinting while you’re driving.

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Don’t forget to make sure your insurance is up to date. “Comprehensive vehicle insurance is still your best bet and it includes cover for theft and hijacking, fire damage and accidental damages to your own vehicle as well as the vehicle of a third party,” says Vera Nagtegaal, executive head of Hippo.co.za.

Nagtegaal points out that comprehensive cover usually also includes extra benefits, such as roadside assistance. Other costs such as medical expenses (which you may be liable for), are covered under third-party cover. This cover saves you the hassle of being sued and paying legal costs, in the event that you’re liable.

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Added Extra

It’s always good to pack the following:
– Water – not just for drinking, but in case your car’s water level drops unexpectedly.
– A fully stocked first-aid kit.
– Wet wipes and hand sanitizer make for a cleaner trip and toilet paper can make those public toilets far more pleasant.
– Snacks go a long way in keeping you happy on a long trip. And don’t forget your licence!

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