Rolene Strauss Shares Her Exact Game Plan For Getting Cover Ready

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Life

There was some serious girl-crushing going on in the WH office following our cover shoot with former Miss SA and Miss World, Rolene Strauss. We were expecting her to glide onto set, tall and leggy with that gorgeously thick mane of hair and perfect pearly-white smile. What we weren’t expecting was that she’d be so… nice. No entourage. No list of unreasonable demands. No drama. And by the end, every crew member on the shoot wanted to be friends with her.

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Beauty Queens Are People Too

It’s easy to imagine that someone who looks like Rolene has never had a moment of self doubt in her life. But the raw, honest story she shares in our August issue is a refreshing reminder that everyone has insecurities and not even the Rolenes of this world are exempt from body shaming. She shares how she broke down ahead of Miss World after people said there was no chance she would win because of how she looked. Even post-pageants, haters gonna hate. When we shared Rolene’s WH cover on social media, a few trolls called Photoshop.

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It’s All Rolene, People

Well, jealousy, step aside, because the behind-the-scenes vlog Rolene posted on her YouTube channel is proof that being kind to your body, eating well and exercising regularly are what cover-worthy bodies are built on, no Photoshop required. And she shows exactly what she did to get cover ready.

Watch the video…

Healthy Eating Plan

Rolene cleans out her system with what she calls a “detox” three times a year. But it’s not the kind where you live on tea and water. “It’s basically just where you only eat anything that grows, swims or walks,” she told us. In the vlog, Rolene demonstrates how to make a healthy smoothie. And we love that, just like any of us, she couldn’t be bothered with exact measurements and just starts chucking things in the blender. You need to watch it!

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Workout That Works For You

In the vlog, you can see that this pageant queen knows her way around the gym. She enjoys high-intensity interval training and can be seen jumping over sandbags, doing burpees and swinging a kettlebell like an absolute beast. No guesses where those abs and sculpted arms come from!

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Rolene on the beach in Mauritius earlier this year. Those abs don’t lie…

Good Skincare Regimen

Stop the freaking press: Rolene gets breakouts. We were surprised too. But in the vlog you see a close-up of her face with a full-on breakout going on. She explains that she often gets them when she’s under pressure (like for this cover shoot) and explains her tactics for dealing them: natural products, mesotherapy and a holistic, integrative approach to wellness.

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Family is Rolene’s first priority…

A Balanced Life

Although she’s in the spotlight, Rolene makes time for what’s most important to her: spending time with her family. We all know the stress that comes from feeling guilty about not making time for the special people in our lives. Rolene has mastered the art of saying no to commitments that would rob her of that. And, more than anything, that’s why Rolene Strauss is #goals.

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