5 Sex Positions Perfect For When You Want To Get Rough

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Sex & Love

By Jamie Hergenrader

Grrr, baby.

Sex can suit any mood or moment from intimate and romantic to hot and dirty. Another point on that scale is just plain rough sex. And that doesn’t have to mean incorporating any strange fantasies, difficult positions or floggers. All you have to do is tweak the positions you already know and love to amp up the roughness factor for an unforgettable romp. Trust.

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Need some ideas? Check out these sexy suggestions from Dr Emily Morse, founder and host of the Sex with Emily podcast, and then try them with your partner tonight.

You’ll be breaking barriers, one spank and hair pull at a time.


1. Miss New Booty

Even though you’re upside down here, you both have control of the motion and depth of penetration. Yours might be more of a workout, but any extra work and sweat in a sex sesh just makes it hotter (and rougher). If you want him to take control, he can use his hands for some spanking or anal play.

How to do it: Place your hands on the floor and have him pull your waist so your legs are on either side of his hips.


2. View from the Top

This one is super-intimate, as he can wrap his arms around you to hold you tight, but he’s also hands-free to explore your body – he can squeeze your nipples or grab onto your hair.

How to do it: Have him sit on the edge of a bed or a chair and lower yourself onto his shaft, facing away from him.

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3. Thumper

You probably recognise this one as doggy style, known for being a hot position for both of you. And with some tweaks, you can up the rough factor by hair pulling, spanking and positioning yourselves in front of a mirror so you can both watch.

How to do it: Get on all fours and have him kneel behind you. He enters from behind while holding your hips or boobs.


4. Queenie

With you on top, you’re rocking the movement, depth and speed, and he’ll love seeing your body in action. To kick it up a notch, you can also tie his hands together or pin his arms down with your knees to really take control. Another option: Have him wear a penis ring for maximum mutual stimulation.

How to do it: Straddle him with your knees bent. Push off of his chest to slide up and down.

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5. Bounce House

Giddy up, reverse cowgirl. This one combines the hotness of doggy with the sexy dominance of you on top. He’s hands-free here to explore and to get a little rough. This one is also ideal for anal play, since he’s got easy access and you’re on top to guide him down there.

How to do it: He lies on his back while you straddle him, facing away from him.

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