These Runners’ Act Of Kindness Will Melt Even The Coldest Heart

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Fitness

By Megan Flemmit, photography by pexels

Who said running wasn’t a team sport?

We all know training for a marathon requires lots of hard work and plenty of sacrifices (sleep, we’re looking at you). So when you find yourself stumbling towards the end of the race, it could be quite discouraging to think you might not finish.

When one exhausted woman found her legs giving out towards the end of the Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon, three other runners put their competitiveness aside to help her finish the race.

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As the 21-year-old Haley Klinger’s legs buckled, two men slowed down to help her out. Taking Klinger by the arms, the men guided her towards the finish line. When her legs could no longer carry her, another runner, who was near the finish line, turned around and picked her up. Carrying an exhausted Klinger in his arms, the runner continued towards the finish line. Just before the finish line, he set her down so that she cross the finish line herself.

This inspiring moment was captured on video by Fox29, and has since then gone viral.

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Twitter users especially are loving this heartwarming gesture:

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There are several reasons why your legs could buckle out towards the end of a race.  A drop in sodium levels, dehydration, heat stroke and heart problems can all see you struggling across the finish line. Whatever the reason for this woman’s struggle, it’s incredibly moving to watch these runners help her out.

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