Become A Better Runner With This Warm-Up Workout

by | Apr 7, 2017 | Workouts

Not sure how to warm up before your run? Follow this sequence to boost your running performance and steer clear of injury

Warm Up To Avoid Injury

You know you should warm up before you hit the road, but chances are you don’t know what you’re actually supposed to do. Or you rush through a few quick stretches and get going ’cause, you know, ain’t no one got time for that. Well, not so fast, Speedy: Skipping your warm-up is never a good idea. Running is a high-impact activity, which means it can be hard on your body. Every time your foot hits the ground, you’re jarring your joints and sending force up your body that needs to be absorbed. No prob if your muscles, ligaments and tendons are warm and pliable, but if your body’s cold, you’re jumping on the highway to injury town.

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Warm Up To Run Faster

Another reason to spend a few minutes warming up? It’ll actually boost your run. We all know that sluggish feeling of trying to get moving when your body’s stiff, your mind is tired and both are screaming “I don’t wanna!”. It makes the first kay — ok, three kays — feel like torture, which isn’t ideal if you’re only running a fiver. Warming up wakes your body up by sending blood to your muscles. It also gets your brain into workout mode, so by the time you set out, you’re ready to go.

Watch Raeesa perform the moves: 

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The Better Runner Warm-Up

“This dynamic warm-up routine challenges every part of your body that you use to run,” says biokineticist, running coach and 2016 WH Next Fitness Star top ten finalist Raeesa Solwa, who developed the routine. Unlike static stretching – holding a stretch – dynamic stretching involves gentle movements designed to get blood flowing to the body parts you’ll be using during exercise. “You need to actively turn on and tune muscles for the activity you are about to pursue,” explains Raeesa.

Your Moves:

— High Knees Forward and Backwards x 30 seconds
— Walking Hamstring Kicks x 20 kicks
— Knee to Chest Walks x 20 steps
— Runner’s Lunge with Thoracic Rotation x 5 each leg
— Downward Dog Calf Stretch Hold x 20-30 seconds
— Toe Touches x 10 each side
— Lunge with Single Leg Hop x 10 each leg
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