SA Women’s Day Self-Defence Workout

by | Aug 9, 2016 | Workouts

Want to get action-hero hardcore? Krav Maga will teach you self-defence, plus it’s a killer workout. Watch WH team member Wanita Nicol battle it out in this video…
Women’s Day is a celebration of us, but it’s also a day to focus on the plight of many women, especially in SA, who are abused, raped and killed in a society where safety is not guaranteed. Use this day to empower yourself – and the women around you – by learning the basic self-defence moves in this video. It’ll only take a few minutes – and it might just save your life…

What it is: A style of self-defence developed by the Israeli Special Forces. You’ll learn to disarm and use weapons and hand-to-hand combat skills that could help you during a violent attack – all interspersed with military-style fitness drills.
Best for: Explosive fitness and hardcore skills.
Want more? 4 Moves That Could Save Your Life.
See how one mom not only learnt to protect herself and her family, but got super-ripped in the process: Krav Maga: Fight Yourself Winter Fit.
Want to sign up for classes? Check out True Krav Maga Cape Town.

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