These Low-Fat Salmon Fish Cakes Are Seriously Next-Level

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Recipes

We get it: Losing weight and toning up can be hard when you’re just trying to get through the day. Which is why we chatted to the experts (dieticians and exercise gurus) to create a combo weight-loss and fitness plan specifically for women.

Because your time is precious, workouts should get you the maximum results in minimum time, and an eating plan should be simple to follow with ingredients that are easy to access. Plus: The recipes should do the job of getting you full with the least kilojoules required, and taste amazing, right?

The 12-week slim-down plan we created for you, Lean Body Blitz, is packed with low-kilojoule, nutrient-dense recipes that ensure you don’t feel like you’re on a “diet”. You can use the full shopping list, or mix and match to suit your individual budget.

We decided to share one of our crazy-healthy, crazy-tasty Lean Body Blitz recipes with you. These salmon fish cakes are protein-rich to keep you fuller for longer. Supper, sorted!

Next-level salmon fish cakes

(Serves 2)

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Love these? Sign up to the Women’s Health 12-week Lean Body Blitz slim-down plan for more delicious recipes – and all the gym-based exercises you need to tone up in no time!

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