7 Scented Body Sprays You’ll Want To Use Every Day

by | Oct 8, 2018 | Fragrance

Body sprays don’t exactly spring to mind when you want to smell good. That’ll be perfumes – but they can be a bit pricey. Sure, a body spray is reminiscent of your teenage days – but there are some out there that smell really good. Plus: They’re a convenient option post-workout (you can toss one into your gym bag without fear of it breaking or spilling).

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There are a bunch of body sprays available – picking one just depends on your scent preference. Here, our fave…

1. Yardley Gorgeous (R32)

This combination of floral and oriental notes complements any occasion… lunching with the girlfriends or killing a presentation at work. Any. Occasion. Available at Dis-chem.

Yardley Gorgeous

2. Revlon Love That Red (R20)

A sensual everyday scent that can go from day to night. It’s a subdued floral, so it’s not overwhelming. Rather on the romantic side – pair this a sexy personality. Available at Dis-chem.

Revlon Love That Red

3. Kaleidoscope Create A Stir Perfume Body Spray (R27)

A floral fragrance that opens with a burst of bergamot and pepper and settles into a warmer woody base – it legit smells like an over-the-counter perfume. It’s playful and perfect for the woman who’s not afraid to be herself. Available at Dis-chem.

Kaleidoscope Create A Stir Perfume Body Spray

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4. Exclamation Shine Body Spray (R50)

Wanna make a statement without whispering a word. A delightfully fresh and fragrant scent that will have heads turning because it’s on the deliciously sweet, spicy, fruity side. Like a moth to a flame – when you’re the flame… Available at Dis-chem.

Exclamation Shine Body

5. Hoity Toity Original Perfume Body Spray (R27)

Are you feeling a bit on the flirty side? This is a fresh, sexy scent that opens up with zesty top notes and hints of iris and jasmine. Got a day-date? You’ll knock his socks off with this one. Available at Dis-chem.

Hoity Toity Original Perfume Body

6. Panache Body Spray (R37)

It’s a throwback. A bold scent that’s perfect if you want to bring out your inner boss lady. It’s a woodsy, earthy, musky scent, which can make it a bit heavy – so spray lightly. Available at Dis-chem.

Panache Body Spray

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7. Garnier Mineral Clean Sensation Body Spray (R34)

A subtle, clean scent that you’ll be happy to have on all day. This baby gives you 48 hours of freshness and freedom from odour. It’s enriched with mineralite, a highly absorbent mineral to keep you fresher for longer. Available at Dis-chem.


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