7 Self-Care Things Our Editors Tried And Loved This Month

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Life

This Valentine’s Week, we’re focusing on loving ourselves – because self-worth really shouldn’t be dependent on someone giving you a stuffed bear, right? Here are the self-care things our editors tried and loved this month – and you will too…

Solo travel

“Some might call this selfish, I call it self-care. Same same?! Nope! If there’s one thing I’ve come to love, appreciate, look forward to, anticipate, you name it, it is taking the time out to travel solo – and by solo I mean, no work, no children, no partner… Just a girlfriend or two and a whirlwind agenda. Whether it’s a quick local road trip (still being teased about calling my most recent Cape Town-Hermanus jaunt a road trip, since actual road time amounted to just over an hour, but #whatever) or a cheap flight somewhere interesting where we can all meet halfway, I’m in. I’ve been doing it for almost two decades and it remains the most life-affirming, soul-replenishing, utterly bloody marvellous thing to do! Fun and funny and adventurous and full of wine, women and song.”

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“I love going for a massage, but when that’s not an option, self-massage with a balm that really nourishes my skin and eases sore muscles is the next best indulgence. This cooling muscle rub from Soy Lites is infused with menthol and arnica for muscle relief and the waxy texture feels so good on my skin. Rub it into your calves and feet before bed on days when you’ve gone for a run or done a workout that involved a lot of skipping or jumping.”

Taking a lunch break

“It sounds ridiculous, but for all the years I’ve been working I have never taken a regular lunch break. I can count on my fingers the times a friend invited me to lunch and I spent the entire hour fretting about the work I wasn’t getting done. My new self-care rule: take a break every day. And it doesn’t have to be sitting and staring vacantly into space while chewing away at a sandwich. I gift that time to myself to go walking – discovering my city on foot. I’ve seen and heard and felt the most wonderful things. It’s the best part of my day. And while I can’t reclaim all those lost hours, but I’ll be making up for them every day from now on.”

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Splurge on yourself every now and again…

“This year I bought myself a mountain bike! Taking time away from my friends and flatmates and hitting the trails for some ‘me-time’. It feels so good overcoming fears on the bike – from steep drops to tight turns, and conquering (what feel like) mammoth hills. I’m certainly nowhere near pro level yet and I seriously need to up my fitness, but this new hobby has been a really great way to reconnect with myself.  I’m also a serious sheet mask addict and I love popping one on for 20 minutes while reading my book or scrolling guilt-free through Instagram stories in the evening. Two of my faves are Innisfree My Real Squeeze Mask PomegranateR35.00 from Luxe Loft, and the HEIMISH Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye PatchesR285 from Glow Theory. If I’m feeling really indulgent, I’ll light a candle and pop some comfy pjs on too!”

Racing… and masking

“I did my first big race of 2019, the Discovery World Triathlon Cape Town, which was an act in self-love and commitment to keeping my body healthy and fit. As a treat – and reward for my hard work – I had my toes done at Sorbet. And I’m obsessed with the dark blue colour called ‘Lace Me Up!’ I thought the name was pretty fitting, considering. I’ve also started masking at home once a week (with the L’Oréal clay mask). It’s a great way to spend those extra 20 minutes just focusing on giving my skin a bit of loving. I’ve also started reading more again in the evenings and I’m consciously trying to have less screen time before I go to sleep.”

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Lovin’ up your skin

“For me, nothing says self-care than a bit of ‘me-time’ applying soothing, calming beauty products that also show results. This Lulu & Marula Nourishing Facial Kit contains all the essentials of a complete facial regime for normal to dry, mature or damaged skin (can we get a loving hell yeah!). With a Balancing Cleansing Balm, two-in-one Nourishing Face Mask and Polish, glow-inducing Refreshing Tonic Mist and antioxidant-rich Nourishing Treatment Oil, it’s the ultimate self-care skincare indulgence.”

Treat yourself

“I’m a coffee addict – there’s no other way to describe it. I usually rely on the office coffee for my caffeine fix, with the occasional spoils from Vida downstairs. But with the month of love here and the team’s decision to focus on self-love, I decided to treat myself: a good old Woolies Costa Rican filter coffee and plunger for some good-quality coffee whenever I want. I’m loving it. Treat yo’self because you’re worth it guurl.”

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