The Self-Defence Move Every Woman Should Know For Dangerous Situations

by | Aug 7, 2018 | Life

Dangerous situations escalate alarmingly quickly. One minute, you’re feeling a little creeped out by a dodgy-looking guy on the street, the next he’s trying to mug you – or worse. If you feel like your life is in danger, this self-defence move from Etienne Ferreira, owner and trainer at Truekrav, could help you get out of the situation alive.

1/ Only fight if you have to.

When you engage an attacker, you’re opening yourself up to risk – he could pull a weapon, for one, and even if he doesn’t, you could still get hurt in the fight. So if your phone or handbag is all he wants, remember they are not worth your life. Let him take them and then run like hell in the opposite direction. But if he’s not satisfied with your belongings, be prepared to defend your life.

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2/ Submit.

Unless he’s choking you or about to hit you, don’t move immediately. Put your hands up in front of you chest or face as if surrendering. This will make you look helpless, lowering his guard. But it will also protect your face and body from blows – and put your hands in a good position to fight.

Watch a video demo of the move…


3/ Observe.

While you have your hands up, look at the attacker’s chest. Don’t look him in the eye – looking someone in the eye is challenging and will put him on guard. It also means you’ll know what he looks like, which could freak him out. And it will help him read your face and figure out when you’re going to move. While looking at the attacker’s chest, use your peripheral vision to notice if he’s carrying any weapons.

4/ Move fast.

Explode forward. Once you’ve made the decision to move, don’t hesitate. Even if you feel like you’ve made a mistake, just keep moving forward and doing damage to the attacker.
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5/ Hurt the attacker.

Grab the arm he grabbed you with with both of your arms in an underhand grip. Clamp it tight so he can’t pull back and hit back at you. Kick him repeatedly in the groin, driving him back so that he’s off balance. Then follow up with hammer blows to the back of his neck and take him to the ground so he doesn’t try to follow when you run away.

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