Cruelty-Free Plant-Based Products That Work For Sensitive, Oily And Eczema-Prone Skin

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I’m not one of those girls who has a rigid “I don’t use anything but X Y Z toner, moisturiser, serum…” Mostly because I’ve never really fallen in love that much with anything I’ve ever used.

My Skin

I have a combination-oily skin type and I’m prone to rashes and eczema thanks to my allergies and, well, stress. This means that a lot of products also irritate my skin. It’s also hard to find a moisturiser than leaves me glowy, but not too oily, and keeps even my dry, scratchy patches happy and soothed. I’m also prone to puffiness, especially around my eye area – this is something’s that’s worsened in my thirties.

So with all that baggage (and literally bags) and the fact that I’m an outdoors sportswoman who spends time in the sun and on TV every week, slathered in layers of make-up, it’s understandable that my skin flares up every now and then. There have been periods when I have used nothing but coconut oil (it is a great make-up remover by the way, although it left my skin too oily).

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What I tried

On my quest to find more natural, plant-based products that are cruelty-free, I tried three skincare products from a brand called Nikel. I packed away everything else in my cupboard and only used the Anti-Wrinkle Elixer with 12 Plants, the Nikelhidris Face Cream and the Alpine Rose Tonic with Alpine Rose Stem Cells.

The Elixer

While I’m doubtful of of how effective anti-wrinkle serums are in general – and in the long term – I can tell you how the Elixer made my skin feel while I was using it. I drizzled a little bit of the oil on my forehead line (just where the tiny wrinkles are emerging) and below each eye, to gently massage around the eye area. I did this morning and night and my skin felt super soft and moisturised, but not oily at all. My eye area is quite sensitive and I often get eczema around my eyelids. The oil was very soothing and I didn’t have any breakouts.

The Face Cream

Once the oil was absorbed (within a couple of minutes), I applied the Nikelhidris face cream – the same cream for day and night. It felt luxurious and rich, so I was immediately worried it would make my skin too oily, but then it absorbed very quickly leaving a soft feeling sans grease. I also loved the soft citrus scent.

I had a pretty big long weekend with mountain biking followed by a lot of wine with my friends – ie: a recipe for skin disaster – but my skin felt great. I did wake-up with puffiness, but it was soon soothed.

The Tonic

The Alpine Rose Tonic was more of a treat product. I took it to my yoga studio where I have a permanent locker with clothes and toiletries (ideal for a gal-on-the-go like me). After showering at the studio, I would spritz on the tonic, over my face and neck area, and leave feeling fresh and moisturised. In hindsight, I’m actually sad the tonic was at the studio and not with me for the mountain biking weekend as it would have helped with the bit of sun I caught over the weekend.

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The Result

I’m still using the products every day and my skin has a lovely healthy glow. The wrinkles I do have around my eyes and forehead – which are definitely more pronounced when I’m dehydrated or my skin is dry – feel softened. Realistically, your skin is as much a reflection of what you put on it as what you put in your body.

Making sure you drink enough water, eat from the rainbow of vegetables at your disposal and don’t fall asleep with your make-up on are already all ways to help alleviate skin stressors. At least that is true for me. But because I spend times in the sun, getting sweaty and muddy and I’m prone to anxiety and allergies, I need a bit more assistance when it comes to making sure my skin stays healthy. And these products seem to be doing the trick.

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