7 Sex Questions You’ve Been Too Embarrassed to Ask – Finally Answered

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Sex & Love

By Kirsty Carpenter

All your must-know sex questions, answered by the expert. 

You know those, er, ‘questions’ you’re too embarrassed to ask your friends, boyfriend or gynaecologist? Yep. We’ve all got ‘em. So we decided it’s high time to peel back the curtain and address them head on. We asked Dr Elna Rudolph, clinical head of MySexualHealth.co.za, to help us separate sexual facts from fiction.

1/ Do men really think about sex every seven seconds?

Nope. If men had to do this, it would be seen as obsessive thinking and probably as not normal.

2/ Can you get pregnant with another baby while you’re pregnant?

No, but there are some women who do ovulate twice in the same cycle. You might in very rare cases fall pregnant with two babies a few days apart, but it is extremely unlikely. It’s impossible to fall pregnant with another baby a month or more apart. In other words, by the time you know that you are pregnant, you can’t fall pregnant with another baby.

3/ Pulling out is totally ineffective at preventing pregnancy, right?

True. I saw a patient last night who fell pregnant despite pulling out. You are less likely to fall pregnant if you pull out, but it is an ineffective birth control method. Our recommendation: if you don’t want to fall pregnant, use birth control, such as the Pill, condoms, or the Mirena. However, the only way to stay safe from STIs, is to wear a condom. Every. Single. Time.

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4/ Does the hymen always “rip” or “break” during first-time sex (and hurt)?

False. If your partner has inserted two fingers before you try sex (which is advisable!) you might not bleed or have any pain. Your hymen may even break when you’re a child, like when you have a bad fall.

5/ Can all women achieve orgasm with penetration alone?

Nope. Only about one in three can. Don’t feel bad if you can’t.

6/ Shoe size and penis size are correlated?

Definitely not. There is no scientific basis for this according to various studies.

7/ Should great sex just happen naturally?

For some it does and for some it takes lots of hard work, medication, psychotherapy and special arrangements, but it is possible.

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