Not Sure What Lube To Use With Your Sex Toy? Well Here’s The Guide

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Sex & Love

It’s no secret that lubricants are an important part of sex – whether alone or with a partner – yet many of us forgo it, possibly because we think our bodies have somehow failed us by not getting wet on demand and we’re cheating by using lube. Of course, this is not the case – lubricant is an amazing tool to get things going.

It’s important to understand that simply because our minds are ready for sex, it doesn’t mean our bodies have quite caught up. Lube is a great way to bridge the gap between mind and body. And even if you do get wet easily, there’s no such thing as too much lube!

The experts at Désir understand the important role lube plays in sex, especially when there are toys involved, and have put together a list of great toy and lubricant pairings. Read on to find your next great match…

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Sex toy and lubricant pairings


1/ Satisfyer Pro Plus Vibrating Clitoral Stimulator

+ XES Sensual Cannabis Vaginal & Clitoral Stimulating Serum

The Satisfyer promises waves of pleasure to your clitoris with intense vibrational stimulation. For heightened clitoral stimulation, pair the Pro Plus with the XES Sensual Cannabis clitoral stimulating serum for increased stimulation and more explosive orgasms.


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2/ Doxy Die Cast Ultimate Vibrating Massage Wand

+ PjurSpa Cherry Dream ScenTouch Massage Lotion

For the ultimate sophistication in massage wand technology, the Doxy Die Cast is perfect for both men and women alike. Pair your Doxy with the sensually soft Scentouch massage lotion for an easy glide that softens, arouses and moisturises your skin.


3/ Swan WonderLust Serenity Ultra Discreet G-Spot Vibrator

+ Intimate Earth Discover G-Spot Stimulating Gel

For a more intense G-Spot experience, pair your Serenity with Intimate Earth’s Discover G-Spot Arousing Serum. This G-spot vibrator is perfect for beginners and experts alike and offers 20 different functions. The stimulating gel is designed to heighten your stimulation and increase your orgasms. Its silky soft finish leaves you feeling more sensitive to the touch and fully aroused.

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