21 Naughty But Nice Gifts For Your S.O.

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Gifts

Some prefer to be on Santa’s naughty list and tbh, who can blame them? After all, ’tis the season to turn up the heat and indulge in a little mischief and merriment. Whether you’ve been mischievously nice or delightfully naughty, we’ve got your festive season covered with a gift guide that’s guaranteed to add sizzle to your holidays.

sexy festive gifts - satin nightie

1. Lacey Satin Nightie

Heat up the holidays! Whether for your partner, yourself, or a friend, this gorgeous slip dress sets the mood for a season of sizzling allure.

sexy festive gifts - sensual candle

2. Arabian Nights Candle

Ignite desire with the seductive scents of white rose and jasmine. Fun fact: The most seductive aromas include verbena, ylang-ylang, jasmine and lavender. Ready to light the spark? Add to cart now!

sexy festive gifts - massage wand

3. Oriel Massage Wand

Gift the indulgence of pleasure. This elegantly designed vibrator features 10 deep vibration settings for a journey of touch, tease and exploration like never before.

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sexy festive gifts - perfume

4. Guess Seductive Red Eau de Parfum

This intoxicating fragrance is an essence of passion, sexiness and audacity. Perfect for a friend or partner who loves to make a statement.

sexy festive gifts - silk pillowcase

5. Standard Silk Pillowcase

Pillowcase, but make it sexier. Crafted from the finest natural mulberry silk, this pillowcase is a soft and sensual embrace on the skin. Guaranteed to set the mood—wink-wink.

6. Durex Play 2-in-1 Sensual Intimate Lube & Massage Gel

A versatile essential for shared pleasure. Use it as an intimate lubricant or an all-over body massage gel. Its sensual fragrance creates an arousing experience. Water-soluble, easy to wash off and stain-free, making every touch unforgettable. Why not, right?

sexy festive gifts - chocolate

7. HighOnLove Chocolate Body Paint

Sweeten the moment with chocolate body paint. Turn your love into a delectable masterpiece—art and pleasure, all in one delicious stroke.

8. Sexy Dice for Couples

Roll the dice and let the games begin! Spice up your love life with unpredictable twists and turns. Literally!

9. Steamy Shades Satin Tie

Wrap your partner up or let them take charge—it’s a gift that ties two hearts closer in shared fantasies.

10. SoPure Ylang Ylang Sexy Bubbles

Tiny sexy bubbles! Immerse yourself in this extra-gentle, pH-balanced body wash infused with exotic floral scents and essential oils. Cleansing, hydrating and nourishing, it leaves you radiant, moisturized and ready for pleasure and play.

sexy festive gifts - books

11. Bridgerton: The Duke & I

Kindle passion with Bridgerton. A steamy read for cosy nights, inviting shared fantasies that linger in the spaces between the pages. Plus, if you’re more of a visual being, you can watch the series on Netflix. More erotic reads, over here!

sexy festive gifts - wine

12. Diemersfontein Pinotage

Indulge in the seductive blend of dark chocolate, freshly brewed coffee and hints of mint. With velvety tannins and a lingering aftertaste, it’s the epitome of sexy sophistication for your next date night.

13. Catrice Max It Up Lip Booster Extreme

This petite gloss is a powerhouse, complementing your silky dress and revving up the temptation with its sultry plumping balm. Enjoy its non-sticky, pleasantly tingling texture, leaving your lips with a high-shine finish that’s impossible to ignore. It’s your secret weapon to an irresistible pout. 💋

14. Instax Mini 11

Capture your cheeky side and send those playful pics in a lunchbox or briefcase, teasing your partner for the night ahead. Because who said instant memories can’t be a little naughty?

15. Classic Lace | Lingerie Set

A timeless, elegant gift for yourself, a friend, or a partner. The classic lace top bra strikes the perfect balance, offering coverage for comfort while maintaining an enticing touch with its see-through top.

16. Romantic Getaway

Escape the routine with a change of scenery—it’s always a welcome breath of fresh air. Book an all-inclusive romantic getaway for you and your loved one, creating moments to share and cherish together.

17. Truth Or Dare For Couples

Spice up your evenings with “Truth or Dare for Couples.” Packed with fifty naughty truths and fifty daring challenges, this game is perfect for couples seeking delectable after-dinner fun!

18. Sexy Weekend Giftset 

Your all-in-one ticket to a weekend of sizzling excitement. Packed with everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, from a provocative mask to kinky handcuffs. Don’t just want it; you need this!

19. The Surprise Date Challenge 

This date night challenge book encourages you to step outside your comfort zone, explore new experiences and engage the senses.

20. Fifty Shades Of Grey Box 

Dive into desire with Fifty Shades of Grey. A captivating gift box for a week of thrilling exploration and shared fantasies, creating an enticing journey together.

21. The Body Shop Coconut Gift Set 

Get wet and wild with this sensual, divine fragrance that not only smells amazing but also makes you feel irresistibly sexy. Who said foreplay can’t be as fun?

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