Get Sexy Toned Arms In Under Two Minutes A Day

by | Aug 1, 2017 | Fitness

Take the WH 30-day push-up challenge and score sexy toned arms, sculpted shoulders and a stronger core, all in under two minutes a day!

Push-ups are one of the all-stars of exercise. They’re mega-efficient multitaskers, working your whole body in every rep. Your core keeps you from collapsing – hooray for chiselled abs! Your butt and leg muscles maintain your body position – bring on the short-shorts! And your arms, shoulders and chest push you up off the floor – hello toned arms and, bonus, perky boobs!

A Little Every Day

In the world of exercising for the #gainz (whether that’s centimetres lost or muscle built) consistency is key. A once-off 10-kay run? Good, healthy day out. A thrice-weekly five-kay? Now we’re talking results! “The more you do something, the better you get at it because you’re improving communication between your neurons and muscles,” says Tony Gentilcore, a certified strength and conditioning specialist who works with top athletes. It’s also a great way to measure your progress. Track your progress by posting your push-ups to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #WHPushupChallenge. Remember to tag Women’s Health for a chance to be featured on our social page!

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Take The Challenge

For this challenge, all you have to do are ten push-ups a day for 30 days, starting on 1 August. Simple as that. (We’ve even given you the 31st off!) “Ten is the minimal effective and sustainable dose,” says Gentilcore – meaning it’s just enough to induce noticeable changes in upper body strength and appearance without overloading you to the point of quitting. Can’t manage ten in one go? You can split your push-ups up throughout the day – say, four when you wake up, two at lunchtime and four before bed. The catch: No knees. For the purpose of this challenge, you need to build strength in the full range of up-down motion.

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Master The Push-Up

Ready to start? Troubleshoot your form:

1/ I feel weird pain in my upper back and neck. Try and get your hands directly in line with your shoulders.

2/ I feel nothing in my triceps. Keep your elbows within Gentilcore’s 45-degree sweet spot, not flapping out wide.

3/ My hips sag. Brace your tummy muscles throughout the move.

4/ My butt sticks up in the air. Squeeze your butt and leg muscles.

5/My head is drooping.  Look at a spot on the ground a little in front of you and think chin, not nose, to the floor.

6/ I can’t even do one! Separate your legs to make the move easier in the beginning.

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