“I Swapped My Regular Shampoo For A ‘Shampoo Bar’ — And The Results Were Unexpected”

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I wash my hair (almost) every day. Doing intense cardio Monday to Friday equals sweat… a lot of it. By the end of a training session, my hair is so drenched it literally looks like someone threw a bucket of water over my head. And carrying a huge bottle of shampoo (I’m talking 750ml), can be a major inconvenience — taking up much-needed space in my gym bag.

Also, given that we need to lower our plastic consumption, plastic bottles have to go. So, I figured I’d try a shampoo bar. Obviously I was a bit sceptical: a bar of soap — surely it would make my hair dull?!

boy, was I wrong.

Setting The Bar (High)

Lush has loads of shampoo bar options, but the consultant helped me choose one perfect for my hair type. I have wavy hair that tends to get oily within a day after washing. My recommendation: Seanik, a bar containing seaweed, lemon oil and sea salt. According to the Lush website, this combo promises to leave hair shiny and volumised — and you feeling “buoyant”. I mean, who doesn’t want to feel buoyant?

LUSH Seanik Shampoo Bar

It Smells Great!

Unsure exactly how to use the shampoo bar, I rubbed it across my hair once or twice and proceeded to wash my hair as I usually would. Immediately, I feel in love with the fragrance! It smells a bit salty like the sea, but with a hint of refreshing citrus and jasmine. The scent was subtle, but I could smell it on my hair all day.

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Maximum Shine

After just one wash, I was surprised by how clean my hair felt. And I’m talking squeaky clean. I was a bit worried that my hair would look and feel dried out, but I was surprised to find it didn’t. My tresses shone and felt ultra-soft — no dullness here! I also noticed that my hair dried a lot straighter than usual, but that was easily sorted by tying it up. By the next morning it was wavy again, so no worries.

Great For The Planet

Not only is this bar great for your hair — it’s great for the planet too. Given that the product is naked (no plastic), it’s helping to reduce your plastic consumption. Plus, according to Lush, this bar will save you as much as three bottles of shampoo! It’s a win-win.

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