4 Sheet Mask Mistakes You Might Be Making

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Skincare

We really just love the luxury of coming home to a self-care session of sheet masking after a long, tiring week. Don’t you? And while it does plenty for our de-stressing and mental state, it’s even more beneficial for your skin. But don’t be fooled: sheet masking is a science. It’s a fair amount more intricate than ripping the sachet open and slapping it on your face. In order for your skin to reap all of the nutritional benefits, you need to do it right. Here are a couple of mistakes you might be making:

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Not prepping your skin properly

For any mask to be fully effective, you need to cleanse and prepare your skin properly. You don’t want any of the day’s make-up or dirt trapped underneath. The best way to prep your skin is with a double cleanse. Start with a balmy cleanser, then cleanse again with beauty water.clean it zero

Applying it incorrectly

Sheet masks are designed to be one size fits all, despite the fact that we all have different face shapes. To get the most out of your mask, make sure that you gently press it onto your skin, paying special attention to the contours of your face. Line up the eye, nose and mouth holes, then smooth it over the larger areas of your face like your cheeks and forehead. A little extra attention to your application will ensure all areas of your face get some love and that the mask won’t fall off!

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Top tip: CEO and co-founder of Luxe Loft Zaza Mota recommends using some of the essence inside the mask pack before applying the mask. “Think of your face like a wet sponge,” she says. “A wet sponge absorbs liquid faster than a dry sponge would… The same applies to your skin – by applying a serum or the mask essence before applying the mask, you increase your skin’s ability to absorb the product.”

Leaving your mask on for too long

You might think that the longer you leave your sheet mask on, the better it will be for your skin. This is a big no-no. The last thing you want is for your mask to dry out because this may cause reverse osmosis and actually suck nutrients and hydration out of your skin. By all means, pop a sheet mask on and relax, but don’t fall asleep and pay attention to the timing instructions on the packaging. Ideally, the sheet should still be a little damp when you remove it.


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Washing your face afterwards

Sure, we’re all used to removing thick clay masks with a warm face cloth and, man, isn’t it a great feeling? But sheet masks are packed with actives. The essence needs to be absorbed by your skin, so washing your face afterwards is a big mistake. Rather pat the excess product into your skin, then make sure you lock it all in by applying your moisturiser afterwards. This will seal in all the goodness and, trust us, your skin will thank you.

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