5 Sheet Masks For When Your Skin Is Really Freaking Out

by | Mar 29, 2019 | Skincare

Sheet masks. Sundays are just not the same without them. Why we love them even more? The cotton sheets act like a quick facial, pumping your skin full of vitamins, amino acids and minerals. They also stick to your face, allowing time for those ingredients to really penetrate the skin – which explains your suppler, plumper, more radiant looking skin after just one use. Here are our standout favourites.

Skin feeling sensitive, irritated and inflamed?

Your face is sending out an SOS! Try W-BEAUTY Soothing Sheet Mask (R55). It contains allantoin to soothe and soften, while adding suppleness. Vitamins A, E and C plump and hydrate, while simultaneously calming irritation. Just what you skin needs when it starts feeling out of sorts. Available at Woolworths.
WBEAUTY Soothing Sheet Mask

Fine lines, puffy eyes and saggy bits?

Facial masks can literally turn back the clock. Try Cettua Anti-Aging Facial Mask (R36). The unique anti-ageing formulation helps reduce those pesky lines, giving your face a lift. Plus: This baby is hypoallergenic, clinically tested and paraben-free. Perfect for all skin types. Available at Clicks.

Cettua Anti-Aging

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Dry skin lacking glow and moisture?

Quench your complexion and hide those “I didn’t sleep a wink” signs with this incredible mask, which will leave you feeling refreshed and looking dewy. J-One Jelly Pack Luminous Mask (R70) is formulated with hyaluronic acid, black bee propolis, fermented black tea extract and “oxygen magnet” fullerene to revitalise and oxygenate the skin. Available at K-Beauty.com.
J-One Jelly Pack Luminous

Dark spots, blackheads and annoying pimples?

Pesky pimples? Try Timeless Truth: Radiant Transformation Black Charcoal Mask (R51). Why it works: Charcoal has unique absorption properties, drawing out dirt and oil, helping to eliminate acne and bumps, and speeding up healing and moisture retention. Available at Takealot.com.
TT Black Charcoal Mask

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Your skin needs a pick-me-up?

Skin looking tired? Bubble Bubble Pop (R120) delivers a serious moisture boost, leaving your face revitalised and glowy. No matter you skin sin, this mask offers a pore-deep cleanse that activates actual oxygen for a bubbly, tingly, healthy-skin experience. Available at Superbalist.

Bubble Bubble Pop

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